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AcceleRATE In FIFA 23 – How Does It Work?

Find out what the acceleration types are all about.

Over the years, the FIFA series by EA Sports has aimed to bring a super realistic soccer football experience with their gameplay and visuals. This does not just mean offering graphic animations but also integrating various attributes like strength, agility, attack or defense capabilities and most importantly, pace of the real-life players into the game in a seamless manner. Bigshot players like Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have dominated the matches mainly because of how fast their character can sprint and push defenses, and rightly so. However, the new AcceleRATE system in FIFA 23 seems to bring balance to the game by adjusting the pace stats of various players depending on key factors. In this guide we will explain how this system works.


What is the AcceleRATE System in FIFA 23?

Acceleration is basically the change in sprint speed of a player over a certain distance. The sprint speed itself and acceleration calculate the average Pace stat of a player. The AcceleRATE system basically categorizes all the players in FIFA 23 into three acceleration types. These categories are on the basis of key physicality factors like Height, Strength and Agility. The three categories are:

  • Controlled: This is essentially the default acceleration type of players that do not meet the criteria for the other two types. Most player cards will have a Controlled type that offers a balanced acceleration.
  • Explosive: This type of acceleration basically offers a high paced headstart to players that gradually decreases after covering short to medium distances. The general criteria for this archetype are short height players with relatively high Agility and lower Strength.
  • Lengthy: In this acceleration type, players will have a relatively sluggish start to their run but when they reach their peak acceleration after a certain distance, they can be the fastest players in the field. The primary criteria for this acceleration type are taller players with relatively high Strength but low Agility.

How to get Specific Acceleration types

FIFA 23 AcceleRATE System and How It Works
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Now, these acceleration types make some players more viable in certain positions, even more than their higher-stats counterparts. However, in order for the acceleration types to take effect in-game, players need specific Chemistry type requirements to be met. Apart from a few that fall into the Explosive or Lengthy category as a default, other Controlled players need special Chemistry types that either boost their Strength or Agility. You can check this for any player in your FUT squad tab.

As a general rule of thumb, having the Chemistry type of Artist on shorter players gives a +15 Agility boost that can make them Explosive. And alternatively, having the Chemistry type of Architect on tall players gives a +15 Strength boost that can make them Lengthy. Some versatile Controlled-type players like Rui Manuel Costa have stats that can give him either the Explosive or Lengthy archetypes both depending on the team Chemistry.


That’s all you need to know on the AcceleRATE system in FIFA 23. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this guide on how to turn off critical commentary in this game.