How to fix AC Valhalla Unable to Start Error on PC?

Facing Valhalla startup crashing issues on Windows 10 PC? Here are some quick fixes.

AC Valhalla has gone through certain bugs and crashes at an early stage, but later patches were enough to fix the issues. Still, if you are facing an error at the game launch this guide will help you. I am going to list some common errors and how to fix them. Ample of issues have common solutions, and it mostly related to your PC optimization. Here are the common Valhalla crashing issues reported by users.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Won’t Launch / Won’t Start Fix

Starting from the basic fixes, run the latest game updates and video driver updates on Windows 10. To update the game just launch Uplay, if there are any it will be updated automatically. For drivers visit your GPU manufacturer websites or use the default GPU manager tool. For example GeForce Experience or Catalyst Control Manager

  1. Verify Game Files: Launch Uplay and click on Valhalla. On the left click on Properties and on click on Verify Files below Local Files.
  2. Install Microsoft Visual C++: Launch Uplay, click no Valhalla > Properties. Click on Open Folder below Local Files and go to Support. Click on Software > VCRedit > and run the setup of vc_redistx64.exe.

If the above two things are not working then once verify the Control Folder Access. Some time due to security reasons Windows 10 will block certain apps. There are chances AC Valhalla might be getting blocked by the security settings.

  1. Click on Start > type Windows Security in the search box.
  2. Click on Virus & Threat Protection > Scroll down to the end.
  3. Under Ransomware Protection > Click on Manage Ransomware Protection.
  4. You can turn on Control Access for a while and test the game.

If the game launches properly keep this option off, but if you want to keep it on for security reasons check the option “Allow an app through Controlled Folder Access”. Make sure Valhall is not listed under this.

Click on Task Bar and launch Task Manager. Exit unwanted applications from the process and launch the game again. If nothing works then the final step is to re-install the game. Ubisoft is regularly releasing fresh patches to improve the game performance. You can check our guide on the Valhalla Lag issue or refer to our Valhalla Wiki guide for more troubleshooting help.