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AC Valhalla: How To Find & Beat Steinnbjorn

Here's the Steinnbjorn location and how to beat this Legendary animal in AC Valhalla.

Once you built the Hunter’s Hut at your Ravensthorpe settlement you might have to start hunting the best legendary animals. But there a hidden secret, the best legendary animal in AC Valhalla is Steinnbjorn. This beast is not marked on the map. But from this guide, you will learn how to find and beat this level 400 deadly ice bear. So here’s how to find and beat Steinnbjorn in AC Valhalla.

Where to Find Steinnbjorn Location?


To find Steinnbjorn in AC Valhalla, travel northeast of Jotunheim to Serpent’s Tree. Until you get close to the location, this hunt is hidden on the Jotunheim map. Once you are in the area the legendary hunt will be shown in your direction map on top. As mentioned in Aegir’s Daughters this giant bear is made of stone and ice. Since the arena in which you battle this beast is elevated above ground level, you must scale a ledge that is higher than you.

how to defeat Steinnbjorn in AC Valhalla
Steinnbjorn in AC Valhalla (Legendary Animal)

How to Defeat Steinnbjorn in AC Valhalla?


To defeat Steinnbjorn in AC Valhalla, you need to be between power level 360-400. This is the most powerful, deadliest, and highest-level legendary animal in the game, as it is a level 400 animal. If you aren’t up to power level 400, we wouldn’t suggest battling this enemy unless you want to put yourself to the challenge.

That said, here how to defeat Steinnbjorn:

  • Dodge Its AOE Attack
    • Steinnbjorn can inflict significant damage by raising the ground beneath you. When you see it stand up on two legs, run quickly/dodge to avoid being struck.
  • Use a Bow
    • Since this beast has many weak points, use a bow to get the best out of it. When it stands up to deliver one of AOE strikes, fire arrows at its vulnerable points.
  • Destroy Ice Crystals
    • Several Ice Crystals can be found in Steinnbjorn’s body. You can use melee weapons for those on the beast’s legs and lower body. But you’ll need to use the bow for the ones on top,
  • Use Melee Weapons When It’s Stunned
    • After you’ve stunned the bear for a few seconds, you can approach it and hit it with your melee weapons. Make sure to carry a weapon that deals burning damage, as this beast is weak against them.


Follow the above steps and you will defeat this monster in no time. Make sure to keep moving around the arena to avoid the ground stomp attacks.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find and beat Steinnbjorn in AC Valhalla. To know more about this game including hidden secrets and locations, head over to our AC Valhalla wiki right away.