How To Get Celtic Armor From Wrath Of The Druids DLC In AC Valhalla

Find out how to get Celtic Armor Set in AC Valhalla.

The Celtic Armor Set is a new addition in the Wrath of Druids DLC in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This armor set is part of the new additions in the new Wrath of Druids DLC pack. And you can’t be a Viking without that Medieval drip now, can you? So, scroll down and find out how to unlock the new Celtic Armor Set.

Where to find Celtic Armor from Wrath of the Druids DLC in AC Valhalla

How To Get Celtic Armor From Wrath Of The Druids DLC In AC Valhalla

Celtic Armor Bracers You will have to travel to the Meath zone. From the Durrow highpoint go north and a bit east until you reach the northern part of Inchroe. Keep scouring the huts in this area while keeping an eye out for the enemy as it is a restricted area. Climb up the guard towers and sneak up on the roof of the huts. Keep opening various chests till you get the Celtic Bracers Armor Set.
Celtic Armor Cloak To find the Celtic Armor Cloak you’ll need to visit Ulster. Go to the fishing village with a small military station. This area is found on the northern shore of the large lake in the middle of an area called Lough Neagh. You will be able to spot the military camp inside Inch Lough Neagh. Keep ransacking the tents and you will find the Cloak in one of the chests. However, beware of enemies.
Celtic Armor Breeches Head on over to Ulster and go southward towards Connacht. Look out for a fort that is on top of a mountain in between Lough Glencar and Foyle River. This area is known as Cashelore. Climb up on top of the hill and then enter the fort and head north. Here you will find a lot of crates lying around. Push them around a bit until you come across one large wooden crate. Destroy this crate and then push the stone behind it till there is enough room for you to squeeze through. In this chamber, you will find the Celtic Breeches.
Celtic Armor Helmet Travel and head over to the western parts of Ulster. Go inside the fort called Aileach and search for a military outpost. Under the top floor of the fort, you will find a locked room. Now search for a red color tent and enter it. Venture inside and you will see that its floor is a wooden grate. Through the wooden grate shoot the lock on the door. This will unlock the room and you will get the Helmet.
Celtic Armor Torso Travel to Connacht. Go southwards of the location from where you received the breeches. Go to Knockfree and then go west across the river. From here go to the village of Rathcroghan and then head on over to the center of the town. On the outer palisade of Rathcroghan head into one of the towers and get a key from the chieftain. Now, go over to the central building in Rathcroghan. Unlock the door using the key and then you will see the Torso Armor.

Now you know everything about how to get the new Celtic Armor Set in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Now that you are here, you can look at How To Unlock Egyptian Armor Set or How To Unlock Iberian Armor Set.