13 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Most Powerful Weapons Location

Assassin Creed has been delivering incredible games over the years with a story merged between fiction and real events. Few games have had iconic historical figures make appearances and devices which all make part of the game, with cities and events that shaped the world.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey does the same which is set in Greece, four centuries before the events in Assassin’s Creed Origins. This game makes use of the great Greek history and the rich philosophy including great minds of the past with it. As it is known Assassin’s Creed does deliver weapons of the era the game is based on with a major improvements and a deadly punch to it.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Most Powerful Weapons Location


A dagger is always fun to wield around in games as it is always certain to involve fast action blows and sometimes the cutscenes to these weapons can be brutal with blood gushing out of every cut and slit the weapon causes. The weapon helps in dodging and evading enemy attacks, it also comes with boosts on damage with daggers and warrior damage, making it an all-around useful weapon. You will have to deal with a cultist named Chrysis to get it.


Use this and you can curse your enemy with a glimpse of what judgement day would be, its sole purpose is to maximize the amount of burning, and even has a perk that converts all damage to fire damage. The weapon could be found by hunting a mercenary once you reach level 46. While the first name could be randomized, their last name would always be “The Smoldering.”


One of the most powerful swords in the game if you fancy going gung ho and whacking everyone who comes in your way in half, the sword comes with boosts to Assassin Damage and Adrenaline generated per critical hit. There’s also a tiny chance you can stun your enemies with this weapon but don’t count on that happening everytime. You can get it after defeating the cultist called Hydra.


Spears are epic as shown by every historic battle ever shown and they look amazing with attention to detail which makes it look means and badder and the Athena’s Spear is not different. The spear comes with 25% boost to all damage and health in conquest battles, To get the legendary spear, go to Athenian General Demosthenes & Spartan General Lysander and finish their quest lines.


Fancy name for a sword but do not make the mistake of thinking of this as anything less than its counterparts in the game, the sword is amazingly quick to wield  and has a boost in Assassin Damage and Adrenaline generated per critical hit, but its most powerful engraving is its 20% damage with Rush Assassination ability. You can the sword by looting the chest at Artemisia Fort in Kos.


A sword with a historical background as it was used by the Iranian rulers back in history, use this weapon and try to think back to a time long ago or just go absolutely ballistic with it as it grants a 6% Warrior Damage boost.


If you go just by the aesthetic values then this is one of the most amazing looking weapon in the game and if you still want amazing damage value then this is the weapon of your choice if you want  to slash your way through the game with style. The Scythe gives a boost in the spread shot ability, and can be found found by looking for the mercenary called The Patricidal.


Although it is a heavy weapon which will ultimately slow your attacks but to compensate that it has ridiculous high dmaage which you should keep an eye on. It gives a 25% boost to damage on the elites and bosses in the various fights and you can find it by completing the side quest called Stairway To Olympos.


Achilles has made a name for himself in the history books by being one of the most written about warrior of ancient times and a part of his arsenal makes it go the game in the for of his spear. The legendary spear is as amazing as you think it will be and it offers even more if you keep on upgrading it.  It offers Hunter Damage and damage with spears, as well as on the multi-shot ability which in itself is a bonus to go with. You can find it by looting the Olynthos Fortress In Makedonia.


Heavier weapons are harder to yield but with the perfect weapon you can probably kill your enemies with just one swift blow and the Elysian Axe is a perfect example of that. Crafter with perfection the axe looks like a masterpeice, it provides a 5% boost on all damage, you’ll see the difference in battle. You can find the weapon as soon as you locate the cultist called Polemon The Wise to get your hands on this one.


We;ve just established Achilles’ legendary status in history as one of the most iconic and greatest warriors in history and it makes sense to  add more than just one weapon of the mighty Achilles in the game, and his Bow is for the occasions when you have to stealthily take down foes before they spot you. A powerful weapon to have in your arsenal it provides as 20% boost to the Devastating Shot Ability, which can be stacked up to 400% Hunter Damage with its other perks. Combine that with its 5% boost to critical hit chance, and you can see how powerful it can be with the right arrows. You can obtain it from a mercenary named “The Marksman.”


Another bow in this list is The Fanged Bow, which features a majestic engraving on it. The immense power of this bow cannot be emphasized enough as it is a useful weapon and will air you throughout your campaign. A true favorite of many players of this game. A special feature of this bow is its ability to convert normal arrows to poison arrows that changes the whole game. Head to Naxos island and then the Cave of Mt. Zas to attain this beast of a weapon.


An icon of true power and instantly makes who wields it as omnipotent in every right, beautifully carved staff which was left behind by the first civilization in the game which adds to its mysticness. It grants warrior damage and also has the ability to generate a health shield too. You can find it after you complete all Pythagoras’s quest in Atlantis.

These were the most powerful weapons in AC Odyssey, if you have any other powerful weapon then do let us know.Check our other Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Trips, Tips and Guides only on Gamer Tweak.