Splatoon 3 Abilities Tier List

Here is the tier list ranking all the abilities in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 gives players a total of 26 abilities, thus many of them are looking for a Tier List. While having these many options is nice, the problem is not every ability in the game is worth keeping. But some of them are very useful that might suit your playstyle. So let us quickly this Tier List of the best abilities in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 Abilities Tier List

splatoon 3 abilities tier list

Ability Tier
Ninja Squid S Tier
Last-Ditch Effort S Tier
Swim Speed Up S Tier
Tenacity A Tier
Opening Gambit A Tier
Ink Recovery Up A Tier
Special Power Up A Tier
Run Speed Up A Tier
Comeback A Tier
Ink Saver (Main) A Tier
Special Charge Up B Tier
Special Saver B Tier
Quick Respawn B Tier
Intensify Action B Tier
Ink Resistance Up B Tier
Stealth Jump B Tier
Ink Saver (Sub) C Tier
Sub Power Up C Tier
Sub Resistance Up C Tier
Quick Super Jump C Tier
Respawn Punisher D Tier
Haunt D Tier
Drop Roller D Tier
Thermal Ink D Tier
Object Shredder D Tier

The above is just my recommendation of the best abilities in Splatoon 3. Based on your playstyle and the gear you use, you might feel some ability placed on the A or B Tiers should be higher. That is fine, as your mastery of the game will allow you to use your gear better. This Tier List should be most beneficial to beginners and those who are new to Splatoon 3, but plenty of veteran players can also find it useful.

S Tier abilities

Here are the reasons why S Tier abilities are the best in Splatoon 3. In case you find them interesting I suggest you change the main ability of your gear and set it as them.

  • Ninja Squid: When swimming in inked ground your Inkling or Octoling will leave no trace behind. While this is pretty useful, it does reduce your swimming speed a bit.
  • Last-Ditch Effort: In the last 30 seconds of battle, it will boost your weapon-ink efficiency and the ink-recovery rate.
  • Swim Speed Up: This ability increases your movement speed while swimming (in swim form).

That covers this Tier list of the best abilities in Splatoon 3. In case you are interested in learning about similar topics for this game then be sure to check out our best specials tier list and the best weapons tier list. And for other help on this game check out our Splatoon 3 guides.