AC Mirage: Abbasiyah District Enigma Clue Locations

These are all the locations for the Enigma Clues in the Abbasiyah district of Assassin's Creed Mirage.

Wondering where are the locations for the Enigma clues in the Abbasiyah District of AC Mirage? This guide has the places for both where you find these clues and the solutions to where they lead. If you haven’t started exploring much or doing any other side activities. Enigmas are basically scrolls that you can find throughout Baghdad. These scrolls have clues to a place where you can find treasure chests which contain outfit dyes or Talismans. Here are all the Enigmas that you can find in Abbasiyah.

How to Find Abbasiyah District Enigma Clues in AC Mirage

The three Enigma you can get here are:

  • The Gift
  • A Challenge
  • Delight by the Dome

Below are the locations of the clues and the solutions that they lead to:

The Gift

The Gift
Image Credit: ZaFrostPet on YouTube

Go to the above location shown on the map. The place you are looking for is southeast of Four Markets Gate. You should be at a rooftop with creepers, the scroll should be there on a small table.

To get to the location of the treasure open your map and look for Wilderness West. Below it you should find a wooden bridge. There will be guards on this bridge. Cross it and you should find the treasure on the grass near the bridge on the east. Here you will get the Knight’s Talisman.

A Challenge

A Challenge
Image Credit: ZaFrostPet on YouTube

You can find this Enigma in the Yasiriyah district of Abbasiyah. Reach the location shown above in the map. Look for the wooden balcony on the first floor of the building. Get to it and you can find the scroll on the stool.

Its solution leads you to the east of the Observatory. Climb up to the roof behind the first Water mill building, go to the wooden platform, and peek through the window. Use a throwing knife to open the window on the other side. Now use the opened window to enter inside and below you can find the treasure. Collect it to get the Black Rostam dye.

Delight by the Dome

Delight By The Dome
Image Credit: ZaFrostPet on YouTube

This Enigma is inside the Mosque in Kahtabah. Check the above image for its map location. Walk up to the Mosque and turn left from the entrance and you can find the scroll on the shelf.

The solution is located in a small pond next to a few trees near the Dome of the Ass. Collect the treasure to get the Mysterious Talisman.

With that, you now have all the Abbasiyah District Enigma clue locations & their solutions for AC Mirage. While you are here also check out our clues locations Enigmas in Harbiyah district.