What Does AAR Mean In CODM?

Curious about the term AAR in Call of Duty Mobile? Here is the meaning and use of it.

If you have been playing the Call of Duty Mobile for years, then you must have seen the abbreviation AAR many times. Beside your friend’s name in the friend list. Making you wonder what this term stands for and how we use it. Is it actually useful or just another abbreviation of the game?

Answers to all these questions have been given here. We have explained the AAR term and its uses in the CODM. With that said, let us wait no more and learn about the term.

What is AAR in Call of Duty Mobile?

AAR in Call of Duty Mobile
Image Credit: Sunshine on Youtube

AAR stands for the After Action Report, sometimes called After Action Review too. And just like the name suggests, it is a report of your match. Post-match results that you can see after each match or from the history. If you see AAR in front of your friend’s name, it means they are currently on the after-match result page.

It is crucial for those who plan to study every match to create a strategy for the future. As those reports are more than just stats. They give an idea about the opponent you faced. And let you see the pros and cons of yours. Kills, Deaths, Assist, Accuracy, Head Shot, and K/D ratio are some of the things you learn by accessing reports in history.

After Action Review is a famous technique even outside the CODM. It is used by private organizations and even the military. Mainly for reviewing four questions: What should have happened, what actually happened, why it didn’t work out as planned, and what to change next time. Now these can be applied to the game also. You can use the report to find answers to the questions and get better outcomes.

Hopefully, this answers your question about what AAR means in COD Mobile and why is it useful. The game has many abbreviations, so keeping track of every term can be difficult. Thus, we suggest you check our Call of Duty Mobile guides. We cover everything from the technique to the process of obtaining any item.