A Little To The Left Solutions and Puzzle Answers

Here’s a step by step answers guide to help you solve A Little To The Left puzzles.

While playing A Little To The Left, chances are that you might get stuck while solving a certain tricky puzzle. If that’s the case, don’t worry! Here’s a complete A Little To The Left solutions and answers guide that will help you along the way.

Table of Contents

As you know, this is a cozy puzzle game where you need to sort and organize items, while also being careful of the cat who loves chaos. While things may look simple, some of these can be confusing and challenging. So, here are all the chapters, levels, and all their solutions.

All A Little To The Left Solutions

Here are some things to keep in mind:

The mischievous cat will bring out its paw or tail to mess up your neatly stacked items, so be ready for this action by this feline companion. You can be quick and solve it before it messes things up, or you can reset the level and try again.

Pay close attention to the shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns of objects within each level. These elements often hold the key to how things should be arranged. Most puzzles revolve around organizing based on specific criteria, so think of these first.

There might be multiple solutions to a puzzle. Make sure to experiment with different organization methods. Don’t hesitate to move things around and see what works!

A Little To The Left Chapter 1 Solutions – Home Sweet Home

Level 1 – Cat Picture Frame

cat frame

Straighten up the Cat picture.

Level 2 – Cat Toys in the Basket

cat toys

Put all the stuff inside the basket in any order.

Level 3 – Pencils in Order

pencil puzzle 1

Place the pencils from light to dark, in the order shown.

Level 4 – Sticky Notes Puzzle

sticky notes puzzle 1

Arrange the sticky notes to form this scribble pattern.

Level 5 – Picture Frames

photo frames puzzle 1

Tilt the photo frames so that the pictures look straight.

Level 6 – Different types of Papers

paper stacking puzzle 1

Keep one paper over the other in a way that the smallest should be on top, and the biggest at the bottom.

Level 7 – Arranging the books

book arrangement puzzle 1

Sort the books by width/thickness from highest width to lowest.

*There are multiple ways to solve certain puzzles, so you can arrange and sort the books by least thick to most thick as well.

Level 8 – Arranging the discs

arranging disc covers

The boxes have to be arranged so that they are stacked one above the other properly.

Level 9 – Envelopes and Stamps

envelope stamp pattern puzzle

First, bring in all the stamps on the envelopes. Then arrange them in the pattern shown.

Level 10 – Sticky Notes Puzzle

sticky notes puzzle 2

Arrange the scribbles so that the final picture looks like this.

Level 11 – Thumb Tacks/Push Pins

thumb tack puzzle

Collect all the push pins of one color and place them together as a bunch of fruits.

Level 12 – Calendar Stickers Pattern

calendar puzzle

First note the pattern of the existing stickers on the calendar. Count the days between each sticker and repeat the pattern to add newer stickers.

Level 13 – Arranging Books

book height arrangement puzzle

Sort the books in a way that their heights are arranged like this.

Level 14 – Photo Frames

photo frame 2

While they may look arranged, you need to tilt the frames so that the images inside are straight up.

Level 15 – Sticky Notes

sticky notes puzzle 3

Here’s the pattern to make with the pink sticky notes.

Level 16 – Pencils Puzzle

pencil height puzzle

Sort the pencils with the shortest to highest tip.

Level 17 – Paper Arrangement

paper stacking answer

Arrange the papers in a way that they are neatly kept next to each other, making the most of their shapes.

Level 18 – Arranging the Books

book color arrangement

Arrange the books by color, keeping in mind their shades too.

Level 19 – Pencil Puzzle

pencil height puzzle 2

Arrange the pencils by their height. Make sure to also clean up the shavings by dragging them off-screen.

Level 20 – Record Player

record player solution

Turn the knobs so that the light above them is red. Now move the record player needle as shown in the picture.

A Little To The Left Chapter 2 Solutions – Lost Recipe

Level 21 – Cans with Tomatoes on Them

rotating the cans

Turn the cans around to make the tomatoes look straight ahead.

Level 22 – Glass Jars with Liquids

glass jars

Arrange the glass jars in this order as shown in the picture, from yellow to green.

Level 23 – Arrangement of Spoons

spoon arrangement

Place the biggest spoon at the bottom and go smaller and smaller with the smallest spoon at the top.

Level 24 – Arrangement of Bowls

bowl pattern

Turn the white bowls so that the pattern looks like this.

Level 25 – Arrangement of Glass Jars

arrangement of glass jars

Here’s the sequence of glass jars in terms of color.

Level 26 – Order of Eggs

arrangement of eggs

Arrange the eggs with one gap between each.

Level 27 – Bread Twist Ties


Place them in a way that they all fit into the shapes on the sides.

Level 28 – Stickers on Fruits

stickers on fruits

Remove all the stickers from the fruits. Don’t forget to turn them around and check for more stickers.

Level 29 – Pasta

pasta arrangement order

Arrange the Pasta pieces in the above order.

Level 30 – Glasses

glass picture alignment

Turn the glasses around in a way that two similar pictures (an opaque version with a transparent version) align with each other.

Level 31 – Plate, Knife and Fork

plate knife fork puzzle

Make sure the plate, knife, and fork are placed correctly.

Level 32 – Breakfast on a Plate

plate arrangement puzzle

Keep the bread slices together, the egg on top and arrange the other elements around it.

Level 33 – Stacking of Cans

stacking cans

Stack the cans in a way that there’s one color per column.

Level 34 – Posters/Post Cards

poster arrangement

The pictures when combined, form a flowing image. For example, the river flows from the first picture to the second and the later ones. The sky also transfers from the lighthouse image to the one with the hot air balloon.

Level 35 – Items in the Kitchen

boxes jars cartons arrangement

Here’s the order of the objects which also has a connecting element to them.

Level 36 – Polaroid Pictures


Arrange the polaroid pictures in this way that shows the journey of a mischievous cat!

A Little To The Left Chapter 3 Solutions – Nitty Gritty

Level 37 – Cleaning Supplies

Arrange the cleaning supplies so that their sides fit into each other like puzzle pieces.

arranging bottles

Level 38 – Batteries

Do keep the designs on the batteries in mind!

arranging batteries

Level 39 – Coins

Arrange the coins by stacking them on top of each other, by their size, or by going from the most round coin to the least round one.

sorting coins by size
stacking coins
arranging coins by roundness

Level 40 – Kitchen Utensils

arranging kitchen utensils

Level 41 – Lightbulbs

arranging bulbs

Level 42 – Junk Drawer

arranging items

Level 43 – Paint Cans

Turn the paint cans around to align the paint drips by color or to form a triangle as shown below.

turn buckets to align paint drip
turn buckets to create a triangle

Level 44 – Buttons

Sort the buttons by their color or sort them by the number of holes they have.

arranging buttons by color
sorting buttons by hole count

Level 45 – Keys

Arrange the keys by size, by the number of holes on top (or its bow), and by the numbers on its tip).

arranging keys by length
arranging keys by the top number
arranging keys by bottom

Level 46 – Screws and Nails

Here’s how to arrange all the parts.

arranging screws in toolbox

Level 47 – Bathroom Items

Arrange the bathroom items as shown, keeping the patterns on the bottles in mind as well.

arranging bathroom items

Level 48 – Workbench

Arrange the workbench items in this manner.

arranging tools

Level 49 – Arranging Coins

all dark coins
all clean coins
dark to light coins

Level 50 – Boxes

You can arrange items as per their color or their type (gardening items, sports items, electronic items and footwear).

organize items by color
organize items by type

Level 51 – Cardboard Boxes

cardboard boxes puzzle answer

Arrange the boxes in a way that both halves of the arrows are connected to each other.

Level 52 – Wilting Flowers

flower pot puzzle

Straighten up the flowers and clean the pot with a cloth.

These were the A Little To The Left solutions and puzzle answers. We will be adding the next solutions soon! If you like escape room puzzles, here’s a complete walkthrough for Trace game that can be played on Cool Math Games.