5 Letter Words With UAR In The Middle (Wordle Clue)

Trying out words but out of luck? Here is a list of all five letter words with UAR in the middle that would help you complete your Wordle puzzle. It can be frustrating to be stuck on a simple word. And with limited attempts, you would want to look out for as many words as you can. So if you are searching for words to get through your puzzle, check out this guide.

5 Letter Words with UAR in the Middle (Wordle Clue)

5 letter words with uar in the middle

Here is a list of all five letter words consisting of UAR in the middle. The words below are given with their respective meanings, so you can look out for them accordingly.

  • DUARS – (plural of duar) tracts of land leading to a mountain pass
  • GUARA – a genus of flowering plants in the family Onagraceae, native to North America.
  • GUARD – protect against damage or harm/a person who keeps a watch/a device worn or fitted to prevent injury
  • GUARS – a drought-resistant plant of the pea family
  • QUARE – remarkable or strange
  • QUARK – a type of elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter
  • QUARL – a large brick or tile.
  • QUART – a unit of liquid capacity equal to a quarter of a gallon or two pints
  • TUART – an Australian tree with heavy, durable wood.

There is only a finite number of words that consist of UAR in the middle. While a word like Guard, Quark, etc can be used in different contexts daily, other words like Quare, Quarl, Duars, etc are rare words and maybe not be used in Wordle. But it’s always good to know the meaning of such words as you can use them to show off your exceptional vocabulary skills in front of others. Though this list consisted of only a few words, there are other 5-letter words that consist of specific letters, and these words can be used to complete Wordle puzzles.

That is everything covered on the list of five-letter words with UAR in the middle. Want to complete your daily Wordle puzzle with ease, check out our Daily Wordle Answers guide, right here on Gamer Tweak.