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Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Event – What’s New?

Here you'll learn about everything that is new and returning in Destiny 2 with the 30th-anniversary event.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming in Destiny 2 with Bungie’s 30th anniversary event on December 7th, 2021. Here’s all the new stuff coming with the 30th Anniversary event in Destiny 2.
Bungie is turning 30 and all I can think of is wow time flies. Long from their Halo days, Bungie is now solely focusing on Destiny and making it the best it can be. On December 7th, they are celebrating their 30th anniversary by throwing a party in Destiny 2, What comes with it? Let’s take a look.

What’s New in the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Event?

destiny 2 bungie 30th anniversary pack

The Free Stuff

Let’s take a look at all the free stuff arriving on December 7th. It all begins with a new matchmade 6 player activity which will come with “new secrets to unravel and rewards that commemorate their 30 year long history”. What that means is anyone’s guess but I think I have a few ideas. What the activity itself will be, I have no clue, but for the rewards, I’d wager it will consist of a weapon and armor set that can be attained through multiple plays of said activity. This is all just a guess of course, but it’d make total sense to put at least 5-6 new or even old weapons from the first Destiny game in the mix to chase and a unique armor set to top it all off.

My guess is on the basis of how previous activities have worked like the Menagerie, Sundial, Vex Offensive, and Overdrive. All of these were 6 player activities, had matchmaking, and came with their own unique weapons and armor sets. This so far is all we know that will be free-to-play in this pack and there very well can be story stuff and community focus puzzle/ARGs to solve. If Bungie really feels like throwing a bone to free-to-play players then this may also come with an exotic quest and or exotic ghost shell, sparrow, and ship. Whatever this may be, we are getting activity and some guns for free, that’s for sure. The rest? We’ll wait and see. Now, let’s move on to the paid stuff in the 30th-anniversary pack.

The Paid Stuff

If you want to join the celebration and experience it fully then you can opt-in and buy the $25 30th anniversary pack and get all the goodies that come with it. Here you’ll get access to a “pirate-themed” Dungeon which will be accessed via the loot cave in the Cosmodrome. As we know, Dungeons are 3 player activities that act sort of like a mini raid and come with their own rewards, some of which we know. For starters, the Eyasluna hand cannon and the 1000 Yard Stare sniper rifle from Destiny 1, both fan favorites, are returning. Then they are also bringing in the shotgun from Marathon(another Bungie game) and the Claymore sword from Myth(yet another Bungie game) is also gonna be added into the world of Destiny 2.

There will be more iconic old Destiny weapons to earn if you buy this pack, Bungie has stated. While we know a lot of Destiny 1 weapons are coming back, we aren’t sure if they’ll be rewards from the Dungeon or if we’ll get them from other places. The Dungeon will make the most sense however because Dungeons usually come with their own themed weapon sets and are a good way to farm random rolls.

As for an armor set, the Dungeon will come with its own which is inspired by the gun Thorn and let me tell you something, it looks badass.

The crown jewel/pinnacle reward from the Dungeon will be the iconic Gjallarhorn, making its way back from Destiny 1 into Destiny 2. For those who don’t know, Gjallarhorn is the most iconic and revered weapon throughout Destiny’s history. It was overpowered to the point in the first game that Bungie had to sunset the gun in year 2 and make changes before reintroducing it. Gjallarhorn, in the lore, was forged by the armor of fallen guardians from the battle of Twilight Gap. It simply doesn’t just fire, it roars. It came with the perk “wolfpack rounds” where it fired a tracking rocket that causes a lot of damage on impact, then split into mini seekers that also track and bring a world of hurt.

Gjallarhorn was the king of DPS and was the most sought-after weapon in Destiny 1. It should remain as it was with some added “surprises” if Joe Blackburn from Bungie is to be believed. Bungie is not stopping there, however, as they are also adding a catalyst for the gun which will make it all the more powerful. How the rocket launcher and the catalyst will be acquired exactly, we don’t know, but we know it’s tied to the Dungeon itself.

The party doesn’t stop there, however, as the pack will also come with a butt-load of cosmetics including:

  • 2 Ornament sets, one inspired by Marathon and another will be “Bungie streetwear” themed.
  • An exclusive and unique helmet ornament that I am certain we haven’t seen.
  • Multiple exotic sparrows(one which is Gjallarhorn themed), ghost shells, emblems, emotes, shaders, an exotic ship, and more.

The ornament sets will be an instant unlock it seems and the rest is anyone’s guess. Will this pack be a bang for your buck? I guess that depends on how much you enjoy the hobby, that is Destiny. I am certainly looking forward to this pack as at least on paper, it is promising a lot. We’ll know the entire story once it’s delivered. One thing I can say for sure is I cannot wait to get Gjally back!

The pack will cost you $25 as mentioned and if you buy the deluxe edition for the Witch Queen+30th anniversary pack which costs a whopping $100, then you are set for everything Year 5 has to offer. From the expansion to the raid to the two Dungeons, all 4 seasons, and everything in between across Year 5 of the game.

There you go, that’s all the information we have about the 30th-anniversary event in Destiny 2 and we’ll make sure to keep you updated once it drops, come December 7th. Until then you can check out our other Destiny 2 articles here at GamerTweak.