2020 Will Be A Big Year For AAA Titles Claims Kotaku Writer

2019 started off with a bang and most of the AAA titles released this year have been received well by the critics and audiences alike, but it looks like 2020 will up the bar. There are some of the most awaited games that will make their way to the public.

In a recent tweet shared by Kotaku writer, Jason Schreier he said that Cyberpunk 2077 is destined for a 2019 release.

The thread further goes down to show that the first half of 2020 will bring out some of the most anticipated games to the people, like Ghost of Tsushima, TLOU 2 and Watch Dogs 3.

It looks like a lot of the big players will make their presence felt in 2020, and with E3 around the corner, we are hoping for more game to be unveiled which will make their way to our screen in the coming future.

It seems like this year will mark the beginning of some of the most explosive titles being released which will carry forward into the next year.

E3 will probably shed a light on what to expect in the coming year as we will be shown glimpses of coming titles or will get some sort of announcement in the coming weeks.