11 Most Enjoyable Video Game Movies Of All Time

From Mortal Kombat to Detective Pikachu here is the list

Video games often enjoy an unlimited time in which they can span their story across which the movie industry cannot match. Taking into consideration that movies on an average run for about 2 hours and that video games can enjoy as much time as they need. It becomes unfair to judge and compare these two mediums of entertainment, yet some movies have shows us that they can pull off this feat and compress a vast story under 120 minutes to deliver you tons of entertainments. We have sorted the list of best video game movies you need to add to your watch-list.

Here is the list of most enjoyable video game movies

Resident Evil: Extinction

When you look at how well the video game franchise of Resident Evil has spanned out you cannot help but compare this to the films, though the films are not bad in themselves they aren’t academy-esque either. The films have a set target audience which is the popcorn munching, the avid movie goes. Though the films have created a legion of fans for themselves it is nice to know that the films and games go parallel and do not interfere much. With Racoon City being the base for most of the things that take place, there is a lot of things happening for everyone to take their share.


This has to be the perfect game to base a movie about and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson simply does the rest. It is not so much an opinion divider but you have your moments of thrill and excitement when watching future space marines go to mars and deliver a near perfect first person shooter experience which will surely bring back the jump scares of the game if you think the movie lacked it otherwise. The movie is great to watch if you have nothing better to do and it will certainly take your mind off instead of being bored on a Monday afternoon.

Super Mario Bros

If you ever wonder why some cringe-worthy things become so popular than you have to check out Super Mario Bros movie, it is completely off from the source materials and if you are a die-hard fan of the video game then check this out as this will be exactly what you’ll never expect from the game. The movie has everything going against it but I’ve still spent hours watching it. There is something weirdly fascinating about this movie that cannot be expressed it can just be experienced. Mario and Luigi try to save the world through plumbing and if that isn’t the perfect elevator pitch then I don’t know what is. The movie is hilariously horrible.

Street Fighter

A band of misfits comes together to save the world, seems like a tagline for most movies ever made but this is true for Street Fighter as well. The movie certainly has its moments and is a great watch, you will have spent more than half of the film engrossed and being amazed before you realize anything else. This movie somehow is mesmerizing and stays close to the source material. Jean Claude Van Damme is as you’d expect him to be in this film and he carries the film pretty easily. You should check the film out for all the characters from the Street Fighter series who make their way into the game.

Need for Speed

I don’t believe that Need For Speed ever matched the heights of the racing genre it did with Underground 2 and Most Wanted. Somehow the franchise is driving away from being a racing game and being something that no one wants it to be, the film kind of works out in the same way. You see a guy, who has been wrongfully convicted and jailed being free with revenge on his mind when he comes out. As you’d expect the movie is less about racing and more about this drama but that doesn’t make it an awful movie. In some instances, you might like the movie more than the recent games in the series. A fun watch if you have nothing better to do.

Tomb Raider

The Alicia Vikander and Angelina Jolie films are two different films admired for completely different aspects, but you cannot deny that all of them have some of the best butt-kicking action in them. Lara Croft has been one of the best and baddest women characters in gaming and the movie do somewhat justice to the games, some of the visuals and action are memorable with heart-pounding action mixed with ancient relics and artifacts that will keep you entertained throughout the duration of the films.

Mortal Kombat

MK is so far one of the best video game movies we have seen. Mortal Kombat is the type of film that you would expect from the 90’s Hollywood film industry who didn’t really understand the game but tried to make the film and did a pretty good job. Some of the aspects of the film are questionable and the VFX look horrible at times but the flow of the films keeps you hooked on. You get to see almost all of the original members of the Mortal Kombat series and they try to do justice as much as possible. This film feels more in line with the source material and the soundtrack is the most epic soundtrack a video game movie has ever made.

Silent Hill

The concept is simple enough, a girl sleepwalks and has nightmares about a town called Silent Hill. It is creepy and horrific just like the video game, no one ever played the video game for its fun nature and the same goes for the movies. It is dark, it is horrifying and exactly what you’d expect from the movie. It might end up giving you nightmares but you won’t be disappointed in the film at least. A certified fun movie for horror fans.

Resident Evil

The first was a mess, most like the entire franchise to be honest, but in all fairness, the movie stands out on its own. The movie has all the elements that will creep you out and makes a fun date movie watching experience if your dates are as weird. The film manages to mix horror, action, and suspense till the end and crafts a near perfect blend with these elements. Not the best but certainly not the worst of the zombie movies ever made.


Another Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movie about a video game which was made on a huge budget and which has extreme violence and monsters. There seems to be a pattern here. Rampage was a movie about giant monsters wreaking havoc and to be fair the movie does most of these things right. There are a few cliche things about this but its all ignorable and the final aspect of the film is worth the huge payoff. If nothing else watch the movie for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He’s just awesome in it.

Detective Pikachu

Everything about the film is so adorable you’d want to trap them in your Pokeball, certainly one of the biggest films of 2019, Detective Pikachu surprised a lot of the people and kids when it was released and charmed audiences worldwide, Ryan Reynolds perfectly pulls off the Pikachu character with his witty dialogues and the story is straightforward with expected plot twists. If not the story then you will certainly look for every Pokemon hidden in the frames of the film which can become a nice party game to recognize all the Pokemon while watching the film.

These are the most enjoyable video game films that you can watch, some of them might exceed your expectations while some may not but all of these will surely entertain you wholeheartedly.