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10 Best Indie Games of 2018

Some breathtaking Games you missed out in 2018

2018 was the year that the video game industry took over Hollywood and, though the big developers had a massive influence, they were largely supported by a flurry of indie developers that upped their game and this competition bought the best out for the people.

As the competition heats up, we would like to take a look back at some of the best games developed with indie developers in the past year. More and more indie developers are coming out and delivering some of the freshest and breathtaking titles and here are our favorites.

Here is the list of Best Indie Games of 2018


Celeste is one of the most visually pleasing and serene games you will find published in the past year. The team behind Celeste involves creator of Towerfall to deliver an aesthetically pleasing 2D title. The levels are designed to please and it adds another element when it comes to subtly enchant the player. A beautiful story about a woman’s struggle accepting herself with her imperfections in her quest to conquer a mountain makes a great game.


Ashen developed by a44 Games was another great team that makes our list, published by Annapurna Games, Ashen feels like a Dark Souls installment with positive themes about community and growth that bring a breath of fresh air to the game. The action and combat technique involved in the game works to perfection and that becomes one of the best parts about the game.

Dead Cells

A minimalistic plot which involves stealth mechanics based on an unnamed island, the game makes you search for bits of information at every incident. You will scurry to find the truth about yourself as you barely know anything that is going on. The game challenges you every step of the way and one of the best ones to have come out last year.


This game pushes you harder the more you progress in the game and it isn’t the generic level progression either. Below takes you a step further every time you try to master the gameplan. A truly intuitive game that took almost five years to develop but now that it is here, we can assure that it has been worth the wait.


Gris works in mysterious ways and trying to figure it out may just spoil its beautiful nature. The art of Gris evolves as you progress further into the game. The game unfolds revealing its layers and how everything so beautifully constructed can pack a punch in the climax.

Into the Breach

A game that requires patience, tactics and a whole lot of planning, but for those who like to be in control this gives you the added responsibility of being responsible for civilians, allies, and infrastructure which is easier said than done. This game will test you and this game every victory will come at a cost. One of the most thoughtful games made in 2018.


The main crux about Minit is that the game grants you 60 seconds to complete a task before the reset button gets activated, and you get retrospective commentary about how you are progressing and consuming media around you. Makes you wonder but then again if you ever get stuck, just wait another minute.

The Messenger

The Messenger feels like an ode to classic 8-bit games and-16 bit visuals which come together to bring this unique amalgamation of compelling storytelling with exquisite gameplay. The Messenger feels more like the combined love of all retro games come together.

Return of the Obra Dinn

A game that lets you investigate into an incident which takes you into the depths all the way to their employer, The East India Company. As you uncover clue you understand the gravity of the situation and all that complexity roundup in a pixelated monochrome game is a feat unmatched. Certainly one of the best games out there.


In Florence, you take the role of a woman and through her eyes, you learn about her and see things her way, the game hooks you so deeply that you will have a different understanding of certain things by the time you are finished with the game. This game is truly unlike anything else.

Here is the list of the best indie games released last year, let us know which one is your favorite and if the game that you liked the most didn’t make the list let us know why. Also check 10 Most Disappointing Video Games of 2018

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