Zynga Acquires Torchlight 3 Developer Echtra Games

Echtra Games, known for Torchlight 3 released last year, was recently acquired by Zynga. An unannounced cross-platform RPG is now to be created in collaboration with Zynga studio NaturalMotion.

Another takeover occurred in the video game industry. After it was known that Epic Games has now bought Tonic Games Group, Zynga announced the acquisition of Echtra Games. The developer recently bought out the developers of Torchlight 3.

With the acquisition, the mobile specialist Zynga wants to strengthen its own multi-platform strategy. In this context, Echtra Games, in cooperation with the Zynga studio NaturalMotion, will develop a new and previously unannounced role-playing game that is designed for cross-play.

“The Echtra Games team strengthens Zynga’s cross-platform play future by adding talented developers with extensive cross-platform play experience as well as proprietary cross-platform development tools and technologies that have been built on top of the Unreal Engine,” can be read in today’s press release.

Echtra Games was created out of the ground in 2016 by industry representatives. Max Schaefer and his team were co-founders of companies like Blizzard North, Flagship Studios and Runic Games and worked on games like Diablo, Diablo 2, Torchlight and The Sims 4. Most recently, live services were published and operated on mobile, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

“Echtra Games is delighted to be joining the Zynga family,” said Max Schaefer, Echtra Games Chief Executive Officer. “We share Zynga’s vision that cross-platform play is an essential part of the future of RPGs and interactive entertainment and are eager to apply our vast experience and talents to this effort.”