Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Catch Zorua

Want to catch a Zorua in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? Check out this guide to know it's location.

Scarlet & Violet is the most recent addition to the Pokemon franchise introducing us to the 9th Gen game. It comes with tons of updated and fresh in-game content one of which is a large open-world map. The map is filled with items and Pokemon for you to catch and expand your collection. Moreover, exploring the map in search of Pokemon is the best thing you can do besides following the 3 main story paths. Having some of the best Pokemon in your team will surely help you to defeat the Gym leaders in this game. Zorua is one such returning Pokemon that one would love to catch. If you are one of those players looking to acquire this creature, then this article is all you need. Check out this guide that features the steps to catch Zorua in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Zorua Location

How To Catch Zorua In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

As we all know, different Pokemon have different behaviors and so does the Zorua. It is also known as the Tricky Fox Pokemon due to its ability to change its appearance. There are chances that you may have fallen into the deceiving trap of this Pokemon. Zorua’s abilities make it capable of looking like any other Pokemon. You would have missed an opportunity to catch Zorua due to this ability in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How To Catch Zorua In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

So, what should a player do to catch a Zorua in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? Look for it near the open fields of Medali and Tagtree Thicket. In this region, if you notice a Pokemon behaving the opposite of its behavior, then it can possibly be a Zorua. For instance, if you find a Sudowoodo walking normally instead of running away after getting spotted, then it can be suspected to be a Zorua.

Keep a sharp eye on such occurrences in the above-mentioned location of Zorua. This will help you to catch this Pokemon.

That’s all covered for Zorua’s location and how to catch it in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides.