How To Get Gacha Machine Zonai Materials In Zelda TotK

Mansi Singh
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Zonai Gacha Gumball Machine, Dispenser Device, or Zonai Gacha Machine, whatever players call it, this Zelda Tears of the Kingdom mechanism is where you get Zonai Materials. And Zonai Devices range from Portable Pot to Rocket and Sled to Wing. The item list is massive, so read this guide and grab all you can.

How to Get Zonai Devices From Gacha Gumball Machine in Zelda TotK

Get Zonai Devices From Gacha Gumball Zelda TotK

The Gacha Gumball Machine is a Device Dispenser found in multiple locations all over the Map. Among them, Great Sky Island is the nearest place with the mechanism. First near the Nachoyah Shrine on (0435, -1686, 1429) this coordinate. And second in the north of Gutanbac Shrine at this (0769, -1260, 1565) location. You can refer to the linked Interactive Map guide to get all Gacha Gumball Machine or Device Dispenser locations. After learning its coordinates, you might be wondering about its mechanism, so keep reading the article.

How Does Gacha Device Work in Tears of the Kingdom?

Players need to charge the Energy Cells of the machine with Zonai Charges. And Zonai Charges are obtained from Zonaite and Constructs. Zonaite is an ore found commonly in the Depths. But the Great Abandoned Central Mine is also a prominent location for the excavation of this resource. Once you have obtained Zonaite, head to any of the Gumball locations and follow these steps to get Zonai Materials from the Gacha machine.

  • Maximum Charge you can place in the machine is five. If you fill the max quota, then you get more devices, so put as many as you can and have.
  • To add Charges in the Gacha, go to your inventory and select Zonai Charges.
  • Use Hold to carry five charges in your hands.
  • Next, use the “A” key of the controller to put in the energy source.
  • Now, wait for the Gumball to throw Zonai Materials.

Now, what you need to keep in mind while using these Gumball Gacha Machines is that Zonai Devices differ with Dispensers. Such as the Great Sky Island Zonai Gacha Device near Gutanbac Shrine gives Flame Emitter, Wing, Fan, and Portable Pot. While the machine near Hyrule Field gives Stake, Big Wheel, Spring, Portable Pot, and Battery. You can use our above-linked Interactive Map guide to learn available devices too.

This was all you needed to get Zonai Materials from Gacha Gumball Machine of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. If this was informative, then try our other Zelda: TotK guides. For example, how to get Billson Mushrooms and use Star Fragments.