How To Get Zara Larsson Event Items In Roblox

Here's how to get the free as well as paid Zara Larsson Roblox Event Items.

Roblox is a huge platform which is growing day by day. This is exactly why celebrities and performers are using the audience for promotion and this time, it’s an album launch party. The album is called Poster Girl: Summer Edition and it’s going to be super fun. Zara Larsson will be holding a virtual concert in Roblox and you can get Zara Larsson Roblox Event Items for free as well as some are available for purchase. Want to know how to get them? Find out here.

How to Get Zara Larsson Roblox Items For Free

The Roblox Zara Larsson Dance Party will take place on May 21, 2021 (4 PM PDT) which is her first performance. There will be 3 more performances on 22nd May (1 PM and 9PM PDT) as well as 23rd May (9AM PDT).

There are 4 avatar items that you can grab for free and they are: ZZZ Headband (hat), Poster Girl Record (back), Sleepy Pajama Top and Sleepy Pajama Pants. All you have to do to get these items is to press Get after clicking on the links above. Once you do that, you will get the freebies in your Inventory.

zara larsson event items list roblox

Paid Items

There are 12 more Zara Larsson Items that you can buy from the Avatar Shop:

  1. Messy Bun hair – 80 Robux
  2. Classic ZL Hat – 60 Robux
  3. ZL Backpack – 120 Robux
  4. Rose Gold Sunglasses – 65 Robux
  5. White Summer Hat – 70 Robux
  6. ZL Mask – 70 Robux
  7. Flower Crown – 70 Robux
  8. Zara Larsson – 400 Robux
  9. Flower Hair – 90 Robux
  10. Take Me Under Emote – 150 Robux
  11. It Ain’t My Fault Emote – 190 Robux
  12. Hips Poppin’ Emote – 170 Robux

About Zara Larsson Launch Party

Players can watch Zara Larsson’s performance as well as a Q&A session to celebrate the launch of her new album. For the whole experience, make sure to not miss out on the following activities:

  • Boat racing around the lake.
  • Enjoy a fashion show
  • Use Zara-inspired merchandise to dress your avatar
  • Use Zara Larsson inspired emotes to dance

That’s all about Zara Larsson Roblox Event Items. If you are looking for some promo codes to get freebies in various games, check out our Roblox Game Codes list.