How To Craft A Yule Goat In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's everything you need to know about Crafting Yule Goat in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The festive update has introduced many items and recipes to craft in the game. One such is Yule Goat. It is a furniture item that gives your Valley a festive look. Also, it is an essential item to craft to progress in your Star Path. Hence, this guide has all details about how to craft a Yule Goat in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Make a Yule Goat in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Make Yule Goat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To Craft Yule Goat you need the following items:

  • Wheat x50
  • Fabric x2

Once you gather the ingredients head to Crafting Station and go to the Furniture section. Scroll down until you find Yule Goat and select it. Add the desired quantity and click on ‘Make’ to craft Yule Goat. If you are crafting Yule Goat for Star Path you will at least need to craft at least 3 of them. Hence, you should add three quantities of Yule Goat to craft them at the same time.

How to Gather Ingredients for Yule Goat?

  • Wheat is found in Goofy Stall of Peaceful Meadows for 3 Star Coins or you can buy Wheat Seeds for 1 Star Coin and plant them in your field. Since Wheat seeds give 2 Wheat per seed, you will only need to purchase 25 seeds to grow 50 Wheat crops.
  • To craft Fabric, you will require ten quantities of Cotton. Hence to get Cotton, you will need to grow them from Cotton seeds. These seeds are available in the Goofy Stall of Sunlit Plateau Biome for 42 Star Coins. If you haven’t unlocked this Biome yet, you will need to spend 7000 Dreamlight to unlock Sunlit Plateau.
  • Once you have collected enough cotton, go to the crafting station and look for Fabric under the Refined Material section. Click on ‘Make’ after you entered the desired quantity of Fabric you want to craft. And the Fabric will be added to your inventory once crafted.

That’s everything covered on how to craft Yule Goat in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Also, check out our guide on how to collect Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley to get some tips and tricks to collect them.