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Youtuber Gets A Free Copy Of Cyberpunk 2077 For Calling Keanu Reeves “Breathtaking”

You Are Breathtaking

E3 2019 is an amazing mega event where gamers around the world, gaming studios, enthusiast, everyone comes at one place to find out what’s new is coming up. A lot of game lined up for the entire year are revealed at E3 and this a best place of for fans. One fascinating incident took place during Cyberpunk reveal at E3 2019 stage when Keanu Reeves made an entry and revealed he is the part of this amazing breathtaking sci-fi world.


Though his intro in Cyberpunk 2077 was for a few seconds, it was impactful and his virtual avatar with a cybernetic arm caught many eyes. While sharing updates on the game an Xbox-focused youtuber Peter Stark shouted “you’re breathtaking”  and tweeted the response. With more than 1.89million views the tweet was an instant viral hit around the web.

In response to Cyberpunk’s tweet, the Youtuber prefers to go for some donation and requested to donate a Go-Kart to Children’s hospital.


In response to such an amazing incident, Cyberpunk 2077 announced a free copy of Collectors Edition to the youtuber. However, the screaming does not go well for all. In a few cases, the shouting affected the overall presentation of some Ubisoft employees.

Source: Eurogamer