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Yoshi’s Crafted World: Tips To Kill Every Boss & How To Collect Dream Gems

Kill all the bosses and get Dream Gems

Yoshi’s Crafted World has 9 bosses and each has their own style of attack. In this Yoshi’s Crafted World How To Beat Every Boss Guide, you will get step by step details defeating every boss and counterattacking their attacks. After killing the bosses you will earn a Dream Gem, in some cases, you will only get coins. Below you can find all bosses and what gems you get after destroying them.

In this guide you will find tips to kill Tin-Can Condor, Burt the Ball, Spike The Piranha, Scrap-Robot (Puzzle solution), Gator Train, The Evil Gear, The Great King Bowser and final boss Mega Baby Bowser.

How To Defeat Every Boss

Boss 1: – Reward: Coins


The first will be summoned by the witch on a boat, who hides behind wooden planks and metal ball. There are two things first, dodge his attack and at the same time adjust your aim to shoot right on the face. You cannot cancel the bosses attack. It is easy to respond when the boss appears, just keep following the boss with crosshair and shoot as soon as he appears. If you shoot on the right time then you can cancel his attack and throw him in water. Three eggs and he is down, look for the rocks that can block your attack.

Boss 2: Tin-Can Condor – Reward: Blue Dream Gem


A giant tin bird on your head, be ready to jump once it drops a rolling woolen ball with spikes. Shoot a magnet to bring it down and jump on the head. In the second wave of attack, it will try to stomp on you, look for the torque and avoid standing exactly below the bird.

The second wave will be tough, the bird will throw a few woolen balls with spike, and also launch an air attack. In the last wave, the bird will release bouncing yellow and fast moving red balls with spikes. After dodging them grab the magnet form the mouse and attack. Jump on the head and done. Watch out for the air attacks also. The mouse will drop the Dream Gem for you as a reward.

Boss 3: Burt the Ball – Reward: Yellow Dream Gem


Burt The Ball will try to crush you, dodge his jumps, use the penguins to attack him and once he is at the edge of the floating platform push him in the water. He will be upside down, jumping on his butt bandage. In the second wave, he will summon smaller versions of himself and shoot five balls in a line. There will be two waves of attacks. After dodging he will be back on the floating platform, let him pass to the right corner and shoot the penguins.

Attack the bandage second time. In this third wave, he will summon his mini version and shoot balls, watch out for the big one coming from the center. In the last attack, he will try to overthrow you in water, jump over the penguins to stay on top and perform your last attack to destroy Burt the Ball. Dodge the rolling penguins.

Boss 4: Spike The Piranha – Reward: Red Dream Gem


This one is an aggressive boss, it buries inside the ground spit plants on you. The first thing to do is gather enough eggs to attack, in the first wave of attack it will try to attack from the right. Grab the tiny me with a mask to get enough eggs, and dodge his attack. He will summon a few balls in the air, break the one with mask sign and ignore the one with spikes. At the same time dodge over, the way to beat this boss is to shoot the balls with spikes once the boss is standing exactly below it. After the first wave, he will shoot a smaller version of himself in a single line, just jump. The second wave consists of attack from the left-right, a few spikes loaded seeds from left and bouncing seeds from the right.

Plan your movements for this, once again he will pop out, shoot the ball in the air to drop a spike loaded seed on his head. He will be made and aggressive in his third wave of attack, be quick to dodge. You will be now familiar with these attacks, after summoning plants from the ground on your left and right stand exactly in the center, and once the plants are gone jump towards the left or right corner, he will pop up from underground at the center. One more attack and he is done.

Boss 5: Scrap-Robot Puzzle Solution – Reward: Coins


This one is tricky it won’t attack you directly, you have to solve a puzzle to reach the bot and jump on his head. In between, you have to avoid the spikes that will push to death. In the beginning, jump towards the red arrow that will move the small cardboard life to right end, jump on the spring to go on top. You will find a clear path towards the bot jump on this head to progress to the next stage. In the second stage, the first lift with the green arrow in on the lower level. Move it to the left, go up and use the down arrow lift to bring it down. Return to the first lift, jump over it, and then jump over the cardboard box where the boss is standing, the entrance is from the roof.

The third one is simple there are three lifts, one on the left on the second level is useless. Walk straight and use the spring to go up from lower level, next jump over the second lift on the right corner and move it left. You can now jump over the boss head and destroy. The problem is the wall of spikes. They move in pattern, notice and you can pass them easily.

Boss 6: Gator Train – Reward: Pink Dream Gem


The chase begins on a train, this boss will throw spike balls that will land on your train and roll towards you. Just avoid them and grab your chance to get eggs. He will try to eat you, as soon he opens his mouth the first thing to do is stay out of range, and then shoot the engine inside his mouth with a bandage on it.

After a right attack the Gator Train will lost all his coaches and only the head will attack you. He will try to derail you, by attacking the coaches, just keep jumping on the other one and soon you will see pair four new coaches ahead. The second wave will begin, once again Gator Trail will attack with spike balls and flaying planks dodge them safely and avoid the last one trying to crash into you. Once again the boss will open his mouth, shoot the engine and he will continue the derailing effort.

The third wave is where the boss gets really angry. A group of three spikes ball will follow you on the coaches, after dodging the boss will shoot pencil crayons. Don’t miss the chance of shoot the engine, otherwise all attacks will be repeated.

Boss 7: The Evil Gear – Reward: Green Gem


A boss that looks like a gear has a different way of attack. In the first way just adjust yourself in a safe place where the gear can pass over you, use the gap and shoot the yellow tape. He will move faster once you attack two times, and the last one is final.

Boss 8: The Great King Bowser


Bowser will rob the gems and turn into a big robot. The biggest boss you will face is in front of you and there is also a timer. Dodge first attack, he will ram cardboard cars dodge them, collect eggs and destroy the cars. Bowser will pop out attack him with an egg and then jump on him. This will start the second wave of attacks. Dodge the bottle rocks and then robots the big one is holding each one will require two eggs.

Attack Bowser, in a similar way you did last time shoot with an egg and then jump on him. Now comes the third wave, after dodging the bottles he will pull out weird boxes with pencils in it. Destroy each one in each hand and in the end attack Bowser.

Boss 9: Mega Baby Bowser


Bowser will turn into a Mega Baby Bowser after you destroy the big robot him to avenge his defeat. Yoshi will be in a center and Bower can now jump around. He will spit fire balls, of small and big size. Next he will throw stars, collect the gold one for eggs. Attack the big hammer first. The fight will continue attack hammer once again and now you have two on your left and right.

Once Bowser jumps to the right side jump on the red button continuously until the hammer breaks to complete first wave. In the second wave Bower will summon big fireballs from sky, hit the red button to cancel his attack. He will then jump right and spit fire balls, he will be back in center it’s your time now. Jump on the red button to hit him. This completes the second wave.

Yoshi has no hammer left, Bowser will summon huge fire balls from sky. Avoid standing below them, next he will spit massive balls of fire towards you. Wait for the stars attack, collect the gold one to get some eggs. In the last attempt Bowser will use a toy with bottles attached at the end, collect them. You can place it on the handles of hammers, start with the right one. Bowser will catch it and try hitting it, place the second on left and jump on the red button to attack. This is the end of final boss.

Once Yoshi completes the Sundream Stones he and his friends can happily return to their island.

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