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Yakuza Like a Dragon: PS4 Save Game Won’t Be Compatible on Upgraded PS5 Games

The PS4 version of Yakuza Like a Dragon can be upgraded to the PS5 version with a free upgrade. A compatibility of the save game versions is not possible though.


The start of the new generation of consoles is imminent. While many interested parties will initially go away empty-handed, as the guaranteed stocks of the PS5 and Xbox Series X were sold out within a short time, it is clear that many current-gen games can be upgraded to the next-gen version with a free upgrade.

It seems, however, that the associated save game versions wil not be compatible in all cases and can still be used in the next-gen version. This is illustrated by a tweet from RGG Studio. The company advises that Yakuza Like a Dragon will not be compatible with the updated version of the game if it is next-gen upgraded.

On Twitter, the developer explains: “To clarify, physical owners of Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS4 can also use the original disc to upgrade to the PS5 version when it releases on March 2, 2021. Save data will not be transferable between the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game.”

Of course, RGG Studio can only speak for its own game, so you have to look carefully at every single game. The incompatibility of the save data was also confirmed a few days ago for the Spider-Man Remastered version.


After it was announced that the standalone adventure will also be available for the PS5 in addition to the PS4 version, Insomniac Games announced that the remaster does not support transferring the save data.

In the explanation, the developers referred to different trophy lists. It was later announced that owners of the original Spider-Man will not receive the PS5 remaster for free.