New Information About The Latest Yakuza Game To Be Revealed On 10th July

The developers behind the Yakuza franchise have been working tirelessly since the first installment in the series and they don’t look like slowing down anytime soon either. It is already known that there is another Yakuza game being developed but we could know more about it in the coming weeks.

Until now we have known that Ichiban Kasuga will be the new protagonist in the brand new Yakuza game and that soon enough we will also get to see who the supporting actress for the new title. As soon as 10th July, we could get to know more about the new game and the characters in the game according to series producer Daisuke Sato.

This is, in fact, amazing news that the new information about the latest Yakuza game is merely weeks away, this melodramatic series has been acclaimed all over the world and has been a hit in Japan, where it is being developed.

Hopefully, this new information will give out more details than we know and possibly a release date or even a time frame as to when the game might be released.

Until then make sure you check out other news as well and we will keep updating this as and when we have more information about this.