XROSS Chronicle Best Characters Tier List & Reroll Guide (2023)

Eddy Robert
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This XROSS Chronicle tier list will help you find the best characters to reroll for. Check out this ranking from SS tier to D tier and pick the hero you wish to go ahead with. Along with this, further ahead in this guide, we have also explained how to reroll if you didn’t get your favorite hero the first time.

Xross Chronicle Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Best Characters Xross Chronicle

Tier XROSS Chronicle Characters 
SS Kangsi
SS Phoenix
SS Overlord
SS Grim Reaper
SS Dracula
SS Black Wings
S Blue Dragon
S Phar
S Anubis
S Ringer
S Kappa
S Inumgami
S Myeongi
S Snow Siren
A Seoi
A Dongi
A Skadi
A Khun
A Gumiho
A Kraus
A Ketua
A Pirata
A Tiger Guardian
A Guru Mansu
A Moohu
A Ganglim
A Death Knight
B Ogu
B Joker
B Momo
B Wyvern
B Succubus
B Marionette
B Frankenstein
B Baphomet
B Iruhwa
B Leto
C Magnus
C Mari
C Bastet
C Ragnar
C Erraus
C Dorothy
C Ignis
C Elder Fox
D Poreuma
D Sopor
D Gyochun
D Yoma
D Minotaur
D Nang Nak
D Kirch
D Medens

This tier list contains 6 tiers that includes the apex tier as SS tier. This tier holds the best characters in Xross Chronicle. Followed by the S tier, the heroes in this tier are nearly as good as the characters in the SS tier. Next is the A tier, where you will find great heroes that can make a battle look easy. The B tier contains the characters that are good, but these heroes will not help you for much longer in the game. The C tier has the heroes that are playable but still, you can’t expect much from them. And the D tier is the bottom tier which holds the characters that you might want to pass on.

How to Reroll in Xross Chronicle

If you end up summoning a character that didn’t wish for, you can fortunately reroll for your preferred hero. The best part about this game is that if you are rolling for the first time, you will get unlimited rerolls. You can simply keep rolling until you find your favorite hero. In case you are not a new player, you will have to log out of your account and create a new account altogether.

Now you know which are the best characters in Xross Chronicle and even how to reroll in the game. While you are here, check out other similar articles in the Tier List section of our website.

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