XPG Primer RGB Gaming Mouse: Basic At Its Best

An underrated gaming mouse.

Gaming Mouse plays a special role in gaming pc setup. A core accessory exclusively manages direction and control. To an extent, Gaming Mouse is a special category for gamers who prefer to have precision on their desk. Choosing the best gaming mouse can be challenging due to what amount of features they promise and the attached price tag. Certain brands other than those who are already strong in the market tries to bring more on the plate. ADATA’s XPG is one that fits well here.

XPG Primer Gaming Mouse Unboxing

Today we will talk about XPG Primer RGB Gaming Mouse. XPG is a brand by ADATA. It stands for “Xtreme Performance Gear” that promises to deliver the best accouterments to make gaming awesome.

XPG Primer RGB Gaming Mouse centers precision and durability. It does carry some similar features that ample Gaming Mouse has in common, let’s say high DPI, long-lasting key clicks, highly accurate sensors, and more. We will try digging into detail how XPG Primer fits well in this category. Does it deliver the best gaming performance or ADATA still needs more time to learn about gaming?



  • Interface – USB Type A
  • Switch – Omron with 20-million clicks rating
  • Resolution – 400/800/1600/3200/6400/12000 dpi
  • Dimension – 126 x 65.6 x 37.9 mm/4.9 x 2.58 x 1.49 in
  • Weight – 98g ± 5%
  • Max. Acceleration – 50G
  • Report Rate – 250/500/1000 Hz
  • Lighting Effect – Color Wave, Breathing, Static, Off
  • System Requirement – Windows 10/8/7
  • Cable Length – 1.8m


XPG Primer Side Keys

XPG Primer is molded in the silhouette of a standard mouse, with two dedicated keys on the left side and two on the top, Primer will not impress you in terms of design. ADATA played well by adding RGB to give it a facelift. RGB makes Primer glitter in the dark, a dedicated RGB key sits on the body letting you cherry-pick one from various effects.

XPG Primer Side Keys

Holding XPG Primer feels bristly, the plastic body does contribute a lot to the grip, but I found a glossy finish or a rubber coating more restful. The size is perfect for regular hands, it fits wells on the palm offering all the fingers easy access to each and every key.

XPG Primer Ratings

Right, and Left click reserves a good space on the front, the scroll wheel is embedded with RGB and the DPI keys play a dual role in controlling mouse speed and the LED effect. Overall XPG Primer is a less charming yet more serious-looking gaming mouse.


Best Gaming Mouse 2021

It took me some time to get adjusted to the XPG Primer. What I found is minimum effort is required to control the cursor. Finding it slow hit the DPI and the cursor will almost turn invisible. It is a vital feature for every gaming mouse, particularly when you are in shooting games. Battle Royale games are the most challenging and speed is what matters the most. XPG Primer may sound like a mouse built from thick plastic, however in terms of usage once you are adjusted to it there will be no complaints. LED is just a cosmetic, I won’t consider this to be some kind of contributor to the gaming.

Gaming Performance:

XPG Primer features a 12000 DPI PMW3360 Optical Sensor. You can pick one from the six different DPI settings. Starting from 400, XPG Primer can accelerate up to 12000 DPI. Speed is not the issue with Primer, the challenge is to get used to the sturdy body cover. For long-lasting usage, XPG Primer has Omron Mechanical Switches. Way different than what we see in standard mice, mechanical switches are more accurate and produce a clicking sound. The life of these switches as per the mouse specs is 20-million clicks. You will never be annoyed with failed clicks on XPG Primer.

Best RGB Gaming Mouse

XPG Primer tries to sell out the “Xtreme” factor of its overall USP. This is where it tries to stand different compared to competitors. Compared to a few similar models in the same price range, XPG Primer tries to offer more durability, a much higher DPI rate, and the Mechanical Switch upgrade.


XPG Primer is a loud mouse, in terms of design and usability. It is also an underrated gaming mouse. Buying a mouse like this one entirely relies on the gamer’s need. If your priority is durability then XPG Primer fits well here. But if you want more on the cosmetic part then here are upright alternatives. Gaming mouse carries standard features of high DPI settings, braided cables, and dedicated gaming keys. XPG Primer carries all these with some assurance to perform for years. XPG Primer cost 3500INR ($49.99) online. Price may differ on online stores, but it does fall far from the said price tag.


A loud mouse, in terms of design and usability

  • Design 7
  • Durability 9
  • DPI 9
  • Usability 7