XPG Battleground XL Prime Review – An Outsized Dazzling Mouse Pad

CORDURA Fabric + Large Size + LED = All Rounder Gaming Mouse Pad

Water Resistance Mouse Pad with RGB and durable fabric sounds an upright deal for an ultimate gaming setup; conversely, this posh accessory can be a matter of choice and comfort. It can definitely power-up gaming and bring comfort to the table for gamers who hate to leave their zone. But do we really need an exclusive mouse pad designed for gaming? Is it an earnest choice to spend extra money on a mouse-pad touting to make gaming better?

Well, it all relies on the gamers’ needs and to what level you are into gaming. We got a chance to test a distinct mouse-pad large enough to consume the entire desk and vibrant enough to light up dark corners – XPG Battleground XL Prime. This review is based on the gamer’s perspective. A lot of people who believe in buying the best gaming setup will not overlook the gaming accessory like Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse pad, Headphones, etc.


XPG Battleground XL Prime Review

XPG Battleground XL Prime CORDURA mouse pad is built from highly durable fabric that promises years of hassle-free usage. Anti-Scratch and Water Resistance fabric are two factors that assertively promote the durable USP of XPG Battleground XL Prime. There is no doubt it is strong and can resist constant mouse movements, as well as it can tolerate accidental liquid drops. It is certainly not washable, because of the Led factor and cleaning is super easy.

XPG Battleground XL Prime Review

Due to its massive design, the mouse pad covers up the keyboard and mouse area. You will never find yourself limited to scrolling the mouse left-right. Being a gaming mouse pad, the surface offers max friction to boost the mouse performance. It’s exceedingly smoother when you are playing games. Led control is added to the mouse pad itself for the instant switch to some other effect.

XPG Battleground XL Prime Review

In short XPG Battleground XL Prime delivers the best possible design and feature on your gaming desk. Spending every penny is worth it on this model, because of its durability and the LED will make your gaming desk look cooler.

XPG Battleground XL Prime Specs:

  • Material : CORDURA fabric
  • Width x Length : 900 x 420 mm
  • Lighting Effect: Dual-color LED
  • Connector Type: Micro-B USB
  • Cable Length: 1.8M
  • Voltage: 5V

Is this Mouse pad best for gaming?

XPG Battleground XL Prime Review

Compared to a standard mouse pad that just acts as a thin base, XPG Battleground XL Prime is different. The challenge is to set this on a small table. Not every gamer has wide desk space, like me who sits on a standard desk with a platform enough to keep the keyboard and mouse side by side. With some adjustment, I was able to fit XPG Battleground XL Prime with my build. Due to its large size keyboard and mouse both sit well on it. And if your desk space is low, it will hang on the edges.

XPG Battleground XL Prime Review

What matters now is how this mouse pad can improve gaming? Was it worth enough to buy this pricy mouse pad? I will share my views on the basis of pro-level gaming. A gamer who spends hours playing popular games like Fortnite, COD Warzone, Apex Legends, or any other battle royale game. You will definitely need a mouse pad if you a much into gaming. XPG Battleground XL Prime acts as a perfect base to regulate your mouse movement. If you have this, there will be a lesser response time compared to a standard mouse pad.

XPG Battleground XL Prime Review

Fits well perfectly with a gaming mouse, XPG Battleground XL Prime is well suited for long term gaming. Codura Durable fabric ensures you can use it for years. The challenge is to get a nice amount of space to get the max out of Battleground XL Prime. Placing on the different desks has considerably impacted the way a gaming mouse responds.

XPG Battleground XL Prime Review

I have been struggling with my mouse DPS button many times on the standard mouse pad. It was sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow. But on XPG Battleground XL Prime you can catch a standard speed and play your game without messing with the sensitivity. With this, it also covers my keyboard base which is not really useful but it looks nice due to the LED movement.


XPG Battleground XL Prime is outsized and dazzling. If you ready to shed extra cash then do not go with a standard gaming mouse pad, if there’s one with LED. Every gaming mouse pad focus on offering the right amount of friction, this boosts the mouse DPI and allows a gamer to have max control over his/her movement on the screen. XPG Battleground XL Prime is a good choice over other models due to its durable build and LED factor.

Most common issue with gaming mouse pads is damaged edges and bubbles on the corners. This happens with time, and I cannot conclude XPG Battleground XL Prime is not free from these limitations. I have been using this for a month and was quite satisfied with its usage. Dropped some liquid, dragged it or and roughly ran my mouse all over the body. It remained sturdy and fixed to the spot. The price of XPG Battleground XL Prime is 3349 INR ($102.99) approx. Do verify the price among different vendors before buying.


XPG Battleground XL Prime is a good choice over other models due to its durable build and LED factor.

  • Design 8
  • Durability 9
  • Size 7
  • LED 8