Fortnite: Chapter 4 XP Glitch [Explained]

Here's what you should know about the XP glitch in Chapter 4 of Fortnite.

Fortnite is surely one of the most popular Battle Royale games of all time. The devs of this game always delivered their level best performance in terms of serving new content. May it be collaborations with other franchises or introducing new legendary cosmetics, the game was always a hot topic. Although, players always discover a glitch at the beginning of a new season. Since Chapter 4, Season 1 is now officially live, multiple players have experienced a new XP Glitch in Fortnite. Curious to know more about this glitch? Read this guide that explains everything about it.

What is the new XP Glitch in Chapter 4 of Fortnite?

XP Glitch In Chapter 4 Of Fortnite

This XP Glitch takes place while entering a different map using an Island Code. Wherein you can earn lacs of XP points with minimum effort and level up quicker. Here’s how to redeem the benefit through the new XP glitch in Fortnite.

  • Enter the main menu and select the Island Code option.
  • Now, put the code 8783-8576-3254 in the box to load a creator’s island.
  • Also, make sure to make the game Private and then select the Play button.
  • You will then be redirected to a map created by legendkingtobi.

Now, follow the below steps to earn tons of XP points from the XP Glitch in Chapter 4 of Fortnite.

XP Glitch In Chapter 4 Of Fortnite
Image Source – ShuffleGamer (Youtube)
  • Walk through the passage with multiple electricity bars obstructing the path.
  • To the right side of the first bar, you will find a hidden button. Simply press and hold it to unlock a few more secret buttons.
XP Glitch In Chapter 4 Of Fortnite
Image Source – ShuffleGamer (Youtube)
  • Once done, walk back and take a left turn where you will find three green holograms.Type 7, 7, and 3 on each one respectively as shown in the image above. After that, press the button next to it that says “Click.”
  • To its right, press and hold the button that says “Activate Timer for Teleport.” You then have to wait for 600 seconds after which you will earn thousands of XP.
  • Press the green button on the wall to get thousand of XP. You will probably be thanking this XP glitch in Fortnite after pressing each button.
  • Further, you can walk through a green area on the right side to get even more XP. In the same room, jump on the bouncers to get thousands of XP on each bounce.

That’s everything covered about the XP Glitch in Chapter 4 of Fortnite. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other Fortnite guides on Gamer Tweak.