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Xeno Online 2 Trello Link & Discord Server (2022)

Here is the Trello Link and Discord server for Xeno Online II.

Having the Trello Link and joining the Discord Server is the best way to get updates for Xeno Online 2. It is a game developed by Xeno Two Studios for Roblox. If you are new to the game, all of the concepts and different mechanisms of it can be a bit overwhelming. That is where you will find yourself looking for its Trello board. So in this guide let us check the Trello link for Xeno Online 2 and its Discord server.


Xeno Online 2 Trello Link

trello link for xeno online 2 and discord server

Here is the Xeno Online 2 Trello Link that you are searching for.

Using this board you can get information on the various things in the game. This includes topics like controls, ways to train and gain money, different in-game races, and more.


Xeno Online 2 Discord Server

xeno online 2 discord server

This is the official Discord Server of this game.


Xeno Online 2 Controls

  • W/ A/ S/ D: Movement
  • LMB: Light Attack
  • RMB: Heavy Attack
  • Space-key (twice): Fly
  • Shift: Boosted Flight
  • Q: Ki Blasts
  • L: Lock on
  • X: Z vanish
  • `: Menu
  • N: Rest

What do the GUI Buttons mean?

  • Controls: Gives you information on the different controls of the game. The sections here are:
    • Basic Attacks
    • Blocking
    • Recovery
  • Training and Gaining Money: You can learn about all the ways to make your character stronger and quick ways to get money fast.
  • Races: You can check the different races in the game. Here are some of them at the time of writing this article:
    • Alien
    • Namekian
    • Human
    • Android
    • Acrosian
    • Saiyan
    • Majin
    • Jinango
    • Half Saiyan
    • Sphinx
    • Demon
  • Base Race Form List
  • Traits: You can learn about the character traits of different races.
  • Items: List of Items in the game.
  • Misc.: Learn about other miscellaneous topics in the game like BP(Battle Power), Stamina, Ki, Age, and more.
  • Planets/Locations: Learn about the different planets in the game and their locations.
  • Trainers: Check out the NPCs that can help you train and learn new moves in the game.
  • Moves: The different moves in the game.
  • NPCs
  • WIP: The upcoming features that are a work in progress.

That covers this guide on the Trello link and Discord server for Xeno Online 2. Don’t forget to check our Xeno Online 2 Codes to help get yourself some freebies in the game. And if you are looking for Trello links for other similar games then check out our Roblox guides.