XCOM Chimera Squad Beginners Guide – Tips And Tricks To Victory

Things you must know before playing

XCOM Chimera Squad focuses on squad matches. To maintain peace in City 31, your team has to be quick and responsive. This XCOM Chimera Squad guide will help you to understand basic game mechanics as well as important updates on how to play and win matches. There are a lot of things to keep in mind, so if you are starting new or just want to refresh your memories then try out the tips of this guide. It is a fun playing game with major upgrades. So here are some easy points that will guide you in XCOM Chimera Squad.

XCOM Chimera Squad Beginners Guide

Starting from the basic part you can learn about the gameplay mechanics, and progress to understand more about how everything works in XCOM Chimera Squad.

What is Chimera Squad?

You will be controlling Chimera Squad, there is a mix of Humans and Aliens in your team. A kind of peacekeeping soldier, managing City 31 will not be easy. The new combat system and upgrades bring new challenges. There are a few sets of new things in the game you must learn. Like Breach Mode, Turns, Agent Abilities, etc. Once you know how everything works it will be easier for you to focus on your primary objective.

What are Missions and Targets?

XCOM: Chimera Squad Map

Before starting a mission you will have to go through the Project Break Options to make a list of items you will need. Like breaching charges or hacking doors. This is a kind of preparation before you reach the location of objective, from the city map you can a mission to an agent. Most of the missions involve combat, fighting for peace. Missions are color-coded, the challenges will turn from easy to hard depending on them.

  1. Purple – Story or Investigation Missions
  2. Yellow – Side Missions
  3. Red – Emergency Missions

Purple missions will help you to continue through the story while yellow will unlock side missions. Focus on yellow missions to get intel or gather resources. Red ones are the most important to tackle first. Once you complete them successfully the unrest on the location will be lowered by two stages. There are a few more different types of missions, like Operations. A kind of hidden mission that will destroy enemies’ plan, and Groundwork missions which reveal info about a faction. Takedowns are always the final one to end a factions threat permanently.

Targets in XCOM Chimera Squad will change daily, it is necessary to learn about the mission objectives before entering. New requirements are part of Targets.

How recruiting a Agent works?

XCOM: Chimera Squad Agents

From the Armory Tab, you can recruit an agent to help you in setting peace City 31. You will be able to recruit agents regularly in XCOM Chimera Squad. During the start, you can only pick one from three. If the recruited agent is wounded in the game, he will pick a scar and lose stats. Use the Training Facility to remove the scar and restore his stats. You can temporarily replace a knocked out agent with Android. Until the agent recovers, the android will manage his task, but there will no XP rewarded. Androids can be upgraded from Assemble Tab, you will have to buy upgraded items from the Supply Market. From the Training Facility focus more on hiring healthy agents so that you get better stats. and abilities.

Every agent features a unique ability, they can use this during a turn and add more abilities to their class and equipment. It is important to learn about them and how they work. Like Subdue Ability will be common in many agents, it is a kind flow damage attack but ensure you get a hit. Use the abilities to earn rewards.

How crafting works?

Elerium, Credit, and Intel are three basic resources for crafting. You will need one of these three resources to build anything in the XCOM Chimera Squad. Elerium is displayed as a lightning bolt icon, Credits in the form of dollar and Intel is displayed as a magnifying glass.

What if District Unrest reaches to max?

When the unrest reaches five bar then the overall unrest of the city will also increase. If everything reaches the maximum point you will lose the game. Different factors contribute to the rising of Unrest. Different investigations are one of them, so here understand the missions first will help you. With changes in the field team abilities or managing Spec Ops assignment, you can control the unrest value.

What are Breach Points?

Every mission in XCOM Chimera Squad starts with setting Breach Points. So before doing anything preview the enemy presence at every Breach Point on the map. Study the modifiers and then assign an Agent. This will help you to determine how things will work, how agent abilities will help you to achieve mission goals.

What is Turns and What is Moving?

The game mechanics are designed in a way where enemies and agents will take turns one at a time. The current turn order is viewable on the unit flat above their head. Agents will begin with 2 action points that they can use for shooting, for using abilities or for movement. For example, you can use the blue shield to move in the cover. This adds points to the defensive bonus before you attack. Or you can just flank the enemy and increase your chances of getting a hit. Use the Timeline on enemies’ turn, you can either take an aggressive approach to defeat the enemy or guard your team. Do not forget to learn about advanced Abilities and Equipment. This will help you to make major adjustments in the Timeline.

Stay tuned for more updates on XCOM Chimera Squad beginners guide.