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Xbox Series X: Here’s How The New Share Button of the New Console Works

In addition to the much-discussed news in the last hours on the web, relating to the fact that Microsoft has bought two companies such as Bethesda and ZeniMax, a video presentation has been released that illustrates in detail and in an official way the functions that the share button on the new pad will have for Xbox Series X.


You can check the video in question at the bottom of the article. The functionalities of the new key will therefore offer new peculiarities to the function already present on Microsoft consoles, but will also be able to offer a unique sharing experience for the new generation consoles.

With the share button on the pad, it will be possible to take snapshots and record videos; a light pressure will capture an image of the screen while, if held down for longer, a video clip will be recorded. After the process of creating screenshots or videos, you will enter a sharing menu that will open thanks to the press of the Xbox button.

From this menu it will then be possible to choose the most suitable mode for your sharing, whether to send it to a friend or publish it as a tweet, it will also be possible to send it to your mobile phone and then save it in the gallery or share it as a message via WhatsApp, Facebook and/or Instagram.

At the end of the video, it is possible to observe that the share button functions will not be present only on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, it will in fact be possible to use the controller also on Xbox One, PC, mobile devices with Android and iOS operating system.

It is in fact explicitly written that it will be usable on all consoles starting from Xbox One onwards.