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Xbox Series X/S Allows You To Play PlayStation 2 Games via Emulation

Were you disappointed with the stocks of Xbox Series X/S? Do not lose hope, as it would seem that the new generation consoles of the Redmond house, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, are able to emulate the games of PlayStation 2 to perfection.

A new video shared by Modern Vintage Gamer shows several old PlayStation 2 titles, such as Jak and Daxter, Silent Hill 2, Okami, God Hand, and Klonoa, running very well on the next-generation consoles of Microsoft, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in Developer Mode.


After the smooth emulation of the games for Nintendo GameCube and Wii, Modern Vintage Gamer has decided to dare this time, bringing some of the iconic titles for PlayStation 2 on Xbox Series S.

As can be seen from the full-bodied clip, which you can conveniently see at the bottom of the article, the Xbox Series S guarantees noteworthy performance, and even if the test shows its younger brother in action, we imagine that the emulation on Xbox Series X allows achieving even more surprising results.

So, if you do not have very high demands from the point of view of graphic rendering, as internal storage memory and prefer to enjoy games in digital format, perhaps taking advantage of the excellent library provided by Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox Series S would seem the console made for you.


We remind you that Xbox Series X/S officially made its debut on November 10th.