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Xbox Series X Price Leaked by Pringles

Now the release of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is almost upon us and, although Sony and Microsoft have shown some of the titles that will arrive for the next generation of consoles, the launch period and the price of the new consoles have not yet been revealed.


In recent days, the Redmond house announced that the cost of the device will be revealed to users when “they are ready”, but in the last few hours it would seem that Pringles has decided to “ruin” Microsoft’s plans, revealing the final price of Xbox Series X.

According to a tweet from Cavie, the well-known American potato chip brand, Pringles, recently sent out a series of packages to promote their new partnership with Xbox, in order to promote a new giveaway with the Game Pass award. But that’s not all, as the advertising campaign would allow users to win one of the 46 Xbox Series X available by purchasing a can of Pringles for a total value of R621,000.

By dividing everything by the number of consoles, and converting the figure into pounds, we should get the final cost of the console, equal to £611 for the UK and “only” $599 for the US market.

We remind you that, since these are simple rumors, so take this information with the appropriate precautions, since at the moment Microsoft has not officially communicated the final price of Xbox Series X, and the latter could undergo variations depending on the sales market.

Finally, we remind you that the Redmond house will be present at the Tokyo Games Show 2020, during which no next-gen games will be shown.