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Xbox Series X Prototype Has Been Leaked

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be this year’s headlining acts, and while PlayStation’s dev kit has been making news Microsoft has been keeping things closed. A recent leak shows what the new Xbox device will be like in person.

Now we all know what Xbox’s new device somewhat looks like a CPU as opposed to traditional console design. A new leak was surfacing on Reddit which showed the design.

It looks minimal and has all the basic ports that you would expect from a console but what truly is fascinating that this device even has a serial number which was redeemed by another user and it checks out that the Microsoft website does not give out specific details and simple terms it as Non-Specific device.

Microsoft’s upcoming console will be releasing during the Holidays of 2020 and while the reports say that the Xbox console will be $100 costlier than Sony’s PlayStation 5.

But everything is still in early stages, while Microsoft plans to keep everything under wraps it will be nice to see to surface soon. With PlayStation’s alleged reveal happening next month, Microsoft will have to plan their launch in such a way that it does not repeat the launch of Xbox One.

We will be keeping a close eye on both the next-generation consoles, and we will keep updating as and when new information is available.