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Xbox Series X Hands-On, Gameplay & More Showcased With New Images

As we already know, Xbox Series X will be available in the month of November 2020, as officially announced by Microsoft. Recently, the Redmond giant also presented its next-generation console at the Xperion E-Arena by Saturn in Germany over the past weekend.

In the current COVID-19 year, when large events were banned for most of the year, we practically did not see any big presentation of the new consoles, where fans would also be present.


We know what the Playstation 5 will look like, but only in the form of renderings that the company presented to us during the Playstation 5 Showcase. And we know what the Xbox Series X will look like practically only thanks to the fact that at the beginning of March Microsoft invited the editorial staff of Digital Foundry and YouTuber Austin Evans.

However, several fans have already announced that they have found the Xbox Series X console. A real and functional prototype of the console, which is located in Cologne, Germany, in the New Saturn Xperion E-Arena. And of course, they didn’t forget to share the screenshots with others. So if you are interested, you can take a look at the new console of Microsoft below.


The console is exactly the same as we have known it in recent months, with the Xbox logo clearly visible on the front in the upper left. For the rest, however, the design is extremely clean and elegant, with a matte black finish that highlights the compactness of the new Microsoft console.