Xbox Series X Games Will Provide Stable 120 FPS in 4K Resolution

Mircosoft assured that Xbox Series X games will be fully optimized

When Microsoft announced the Xbox 20/20 series of events earlier this week, it announced that it would show games optimized for the upcoming Xbox Series X console. Today was the first of a series of events that revealed some interesting details.

As it became known, the expected console will be able to provide unprecedented performance for optimized games. They will receive the Xbox Series X Optimized mark, which should ensure that such a game is capable of working in 4K resolution while ensuring a stable frame rate of 120 fps. And in any situation, it is impossible that the minimum frame rate will fall below 60 fps. In addition, optimized games will fully support DirectX Raytracing, which means that objects such as shadows and reflections will be drawn more naturally and efficiently.

In addition, optimized games will support Direct Storage, which means faster loading, and given the use of an SSD drive in the upcoming console, the download speed is likely to exceed all expectations.

Among other things, the Xbox Series X will receive support for Smart Delivery, which ensures that the user receives a version of the game specifically for his model of the console. Its essence is that if a user purchases a game on the Xbox One X and then downloads it on the Xbox Series X, he will receive a version for the second one.