Xbox Series X August Event Reportedly Confirmed by Phil Spencer

In an interview with the American YouTuber iJustine, Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, suggested that there may be important news regarding Xbox Series X in August.

Speaking with iJustine, Spencer said he was “encouraged to be able to talk more” about the Xbox Series X backward compatibility features, adding that “I think August we’ll have more to say.”

There were some previous reports found that Xbox would use an August event as an announcement for Xbox Lockhart or Xbox Series S, the less powerful version of the next-gen console from the Redmond house that will likely be targeted at those who can’t afford too much for a gaming platform.

Precisely on this topic, it is believed that Lockhart’s development kits have been in the studios for several months, with the Xbox developers of the next generation who will support both Xbox Series X and Lockhart in a configuration similar to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles that already exists but will soon be no more produced.

Although it has yet to be announced, the Xbox Series S is now on everyone’s lips, and it is a secret that, in the Microsoft home, will hardly remain much longer.

Thanks to the Xbox 20/20 initiative Microsoft will release news on Xbox every month, therefore it is right to say that there will be some update next month. Despite all the spotlight is on the Xbox Series S, we will have to wait a little longer before having an official confirmation from Microsoft itself.