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Xbox Series S Won’t Run Original Xbox & Xbox 360 Titles With Xbox One X Enhancements – Digital Foundry

The team at Digital Foundry got their hands on the new Xbox Series S announced by Microsoft these days. The less powerful next-gen console became instantly popular in a short time among users for its price set at $299.

As already stated by Microsoft, the console is in effect a next-gen machine, with almost completely similar components, except for some waivers that will prevent the machine from reaching a native resolution in 4K, but up to 1440p (2K); and the aforementioned absence of an optical disc player.


However, as per Digital Foundry’s John Linneman, Xbox Series S won’t be able to run original Xbox and Xbox 360 games with Xbox One X enhancements mostly because of the RAM that is available in the less powerful next-gen console compared to the Xbox Series X that has 8 GB, while Xbox One X has 9 GB RAM.

“The Xbox One X has 9GB of system memory available to titles. The Series S has 8 [and] I’ve seen some reports that it’s actually 7.5GB,” said Digital Foundry’s John Linneman. “Regardless, with either configuration, it’s still lower than the Xbox One X, so I think it’s almost a full gone conclusion that the backwards compatibility will be drawing upon Xbox One S as opposed to Xbox One X.”

In short, the factors to be taken into consideration remain many, but there is no doubt that the Xbox Series S console already enjoys a certain appeal for its launch price, perfect for taking the first steps in this new generation of consoles.


We remind you that Xbox Series S will be available from November 10 at a price of $299. Alongside it, there will be the most powerful Xbox Series X console, top of the range from Microsoft, which will instead have a price of $499.