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Xbox Series S ‘Lockhart’ Console Leaked Again by Microsoft via Xbox Game Pass Card

The Xbox Series S is probably one of the most poorly kept secrets in the video game industry. A 14-day trial code for the Xbox Game Pass provided official confirmation of the console.

The official announcement of Xbox Series X dates back to almost a year ago when the well-known Xbox division surprisingly revealed its next home console during The Game Award 2019. Over the months, the rumors regarding the presence of a new next-gen platform of the American company have become increasingly insistent.

Microsoft has yet to officially reveal the Xbox Series S, but the company (according to many sources) has no doubts in confirming the existence of the project in the official brochures. A few hours ago, in fact, a tweet emerged, which you can find at the bottom of the article, which reports a concrete example of these documents issued by the company.

Does this mean that we are approaching the official revelation of the Xbox Series S? BaviaryBrendan, the creator of the post, reported this document found inside a controller purchased directly from Microsoft’s online store.

Is it therefore fair to assume that Xbox Series S is the official name of Lockhart? We still do not have the absolute certainties but the second name of this new series of next-gen consoles has been mentioned several times in the documents. The Development Kit is updated every few months by the company, this document contains all the names of the Xbox platforms currently supported.

It is therefore deductible that the promotional material is already ready for some time (as well as the technical details revealed for some time), so we just have to wait for further confirmations regarding this new console of Microsoft.