Is Ready Or Not Coming To Xbox And PS5? – Answered

Can’t wait to play Ready or Not on your Xbox or PS5 Console? Check out here to know if it’s getting a Console Port.

Ready or Not is one of the finest tactical shooter games made in the past few years. And now that its complete version has been available on Steam since December 2023, PC players can have all the fun. But what about the console users? Several Xbox and PlayStation owners are curious to know if this game will get a console port. The question from the players is completely reasonable as the game appears to be a Steam exclusive currently.

We have done some research regarding the topic and are ready to share our results with you. With that said, let’s know if Ready or Not is coming to Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

When is Ready or Not Coming to Xbox, PS5, and Switch?

Is Ready Or Not Coming To Xbox & PS5

To be honest, it’s not official that this game is getting a console port or not. However, according to the rumors, VOID Interactive, the developers of Ready or Not are currently working to officially release it on Xbox X/S and PS5.

It’s speculated that Ready or Not will be released for Nintendo Switch later as its optimization will take some time. So, for now, all the console users will have to be patient and wait until an official announcement is made. Hopefully, before the end of 2024, we might get to play Ready or Not on our Xbox or PS5 consoles.

Also, one more thing, if you want to play this game with an Xbox or PS controller on your PC, you simply can not. At the time of writing, Ready for Not does not have controller support, even after the launch of the 1.0 update.

Anyways, that’s all covered for now. In case there is any update on Ready or Not’s Xbox, PS5, or Nintendo Switch Release, we will let you know about it. Until then, be sure to stay connected with us.