Xbox One & PC Exclusive “Waking” Is Coming Very Very Soon – Developer

Third Person Action & Guided Meditation

Waking is an Emotional Adventure game weaved around a unique storyline that will make a player dive through a dying mind. Fighting with forces of oblivion, experience the memories of loved ones and the battle for life is what Waking is all about. Waking is Xbox One Exclusive and PC exclusive will be coming very very soon according to the developer.

Developed Jason Oda, Waking is partially funded by ID@Xbox program and the developer commented it will be releasing very, very soon. However, there is no exact date and the Steam page also does not reveal anything about when the game will be available for Xbox One and PC.

Waking is a unique new title that brings in third-person action and guided meditation. The protagonist is locked in the darkness of coma, where if you don’t move forward you will never wake up. The screenshots and video shared on the steam page give a glimpse of an intriguing journey, surrealistic characters, and the world of memories and monsters.

Watch the video above a short summary of what Waking is all about by Jason Oda who shared the idea behind the game. Here are a few screenshots and links to the Steam page.

Source: Seasoned Gaming