Ninja Gaiden 3 And Trials Evolution Coming To Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Two new Xbox 360 titles are not available on Xbox One

Two titles from Xbox 360 list are now available on Xbox One through Backward Compatibility. They are Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge and Trials Evolution. Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge was first released in the year 2012 an action-adventure game by Team Ninja which features the elite master Ninja Ryu Hayabusa. Trials Evolution is a racing game where player ride a motorcycle and compete on a racing track with obstacles.

Both games download starts from today, Xbox Backward Compatibility list now carries numerous titles allowing players to try their hands on some old and popular games. This also offers an array of choices to pick from the huge list and a way to revamp old games specifically designed for older Xbox.

You can view thousands of games on Xbox Backward Compatibility site, other than two new titles NINJA GAIDEN II, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Crackdown 2, Lost Planet 2 & 3, RESIDENT EVIL CODE: Veronica X, etc are some of the latest additions of 2019.

Xbox Backward Compatibility offers hundreds of Xbox 360 games, some selected Xbox 360 games on Xbox X enhanced with better resolutions and 9x more than original pixel count with expanded color details.

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