How To Fix Overwatch Login Error BC-124 On Xbox 2024

In this guide, we list out all the steps on how to fix login error BC-124 in Overwatch on Xbox.

Overwatch login error bc-124 has reappeared among Xbox players who are in dire need of a fix. This error usually occurs because of a network connection and/or server communication error between your Xbox and Blizzard’s Overwatch servers. Here’s a guide that will help you put that error to bed with a list of fixes.

How To Fix Error BC-124 in Overwatch on Xbox?login error overwatch

In order to get your error BC-124 resolved, here is a list of fixes that won’t take much time:

  1. Examine your Internet and verify if the connection is stable. You can do this by simply opening a browser and checking if the search results returned are quick. Furthermore, try running a speed test on 
  2. Update your Xbox. Updating your console can prevent any untoward errors from occurring.
  3. Ensure Overwatch is up-to-date. The game needs to have the latest patches and updates installed to run and function smoothly without problems.
  4. Consider Power Cycling your Console. It’s pretty easy to power cycle an Xbox. You can do this by following these steps:
    • Confirm that your Xbox is powered off and unplugged.
    •  Now turn your wifi router or modem off.
    •  Patiently wait for at least 3 minutes.
    •  Switch the Router on.
    •  Similarly, turn on your Xbox and launch Overwatch.
  5. Look over your NAT type and ensure that it’s Open or Moderate in your Xbox settings.
  6. Get your Xbox profile unlinked with Blizzard and reconnect it. You can do this by heading to the Blizzard website and doing the following:
    • In account settings, select “connections
    • Here you’ll have options to unlink your blizzard account with your Xbox profile.
    • Patiently wait for at least a minute or until you get an email confirming the same.
    • Now reconnect your account as you did earlier.
    • Contact Blizzard Support for Overwatch and report your issue to them. They should provide you with a solution.

These fixes should see your error code BC-124 not appear anymore. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you continue to have similar problems in-game, here’s a guide on how to fix the ‘login error’ in Overwatch.