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Xbox Lockhart CPU Is Faster Than PS5 & Supports Ray Tracing, Journalist Claims

It seems that Microsoft is planning to reveal the Xbox Series S codenamed Lockhart in August 2020, which is said to have even a better CPU than the PlayStation 5.

The Xbox Series S console, codenamed Lockhart, could not only be unveiled at a real competitive price in August, but according to the latest rumors, it is said to have installed a faster CPU than the PlayStation 5.

This rumor comes from Tom Warren, a well-known journalist at The Verge. He announced via Twitter that weaker hardware in no way holds back the stronger one and that developers on the PC have been developing it for decades and cannot be held back there.

In addition, the Lockhart CPU is better than that of the PS5. So some Sony fans are likely to pay attention because they think that weaker hardware would hold back the new generation. But if that was the case, the PlayStation 5 would hold it back at all, which of course is not (also) the case.

Games are always developed to the maximum possible on the most powerful hardware and then ported for all types of hardware and then further optimized at best.

Since the Xbox Series S aka Lockhart and Xbox Series X are supposed to be very similar in structure, porting on both consoles is made even easier. The Xbox Series S, codenamed Lockhart, the console will only have to lower the resolution to 1080p with similar or the same graphics. While the Xbox Series X console will use 4K with up to 120fps.

It remains to be seen to what extent the statements of Warren correspond to the facts, as Microsoft has so far not commented on the rumors about the Xbox Series S. So maybe in a few weeks we will know some more information. Stay tuned to get the latest update on Lockhart only on GamerTweak.com