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Xbox Live Has Over 800 Games On Discount For The Winter Sale

Great gaming deals can be found everywhere during this holiday season and Xbox has joined the party. Xbox is giving out more than 60% off on their games with Xbox Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Gold Members getting another 10% off on top of this.

There are a total of over 800 games to consider, so make sure that you figure out which game you would like to spend on before purchasing almost everything on offer.


Latest games like Gears 5, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, FIFA 20, and Borderlands 3 are up for sale and you can take a look around to see that some of the best games released on the console are also heavily discounted.

The sale has begun now and will last until January 2, 2020, that gives the players enough amount of time to go out there and get your hands on some of the most terrific deals.

So take a look around and check for yourself what you want to play and have been waiting for Xbox has a huge year planned for 2020 so this makes it perfect timing to get up to speed on games which you haven’t gotten to play.


The launch of Xbox Series X will certainly be a huge event with its launch now almost a year away, we cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for us.