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Xbox Elite Controller 2 Leaked At Walmart – Whole Thing Feels Premium

Everything is Premium

Xbox Elite Controller 2 spotted in Walmart (Saline Michigan) as reported by a Reddit users “rwrattan” who purchased the product and shared overview on the new premium controller coming up soon in the market.

According to the Reddit post, Xbox Elite Controller 2 features a premium design and it is heavy compared to standard Xbox One Controllers. This points towards a bigger battery. But it does not hamper the usability, the user shared it feels “good to hold”. The rubber grip offers a tactical feel which is ideal for shooting game.


The whole thing feels like a premium controller. It’s surprisingly heavy compared to the standard One controllers, but it feels good to hold. The rubber around the grips give a nice tactile feel, too.

The buttons feel great. I was pleasantly surprised that the Xbox button feels more like a normal button with very little travel compared to all the other One controllers I have. The sticks and dpads are very easily to swap out but the magnets used to keep them in are strong enough that they’re not going to come out just from shaking it.

Button on Xbox Elite Controller 2 are great which feels more like normal and there is very little travel required to switch between keys compared to Xbox One Controllers. Sticks and Dpads are easy to swap out. The user find paddles lot more comfortable in terms of using clicks, recording and taking screenshot. Xbox Elite Controller 2 also comes with a new feature that allows to adjust the brightness of the lights on the controller.

I like the paddles a lot. Being able to set them for left stick click, right stick click, record a clip, and take a screenshot is amazing. Best feature of the controller right there for me.

Being able to adjust the brightness of the lights on the controller is a neat idea, but the effect is incredibly subtle for most of the settings. I actually didn’t think it was doing anything when I first started adjusting that.


The overall feedback by user sounds Xbox Elite Controller 2 is impressive from all angles, however this review is based on short term gameplay. Xbox Elite Series 2 cost $179.99 store price. The controller will be available on 11/04/2019 and you can Pre-order Xbox Elite Wireless 2 on Microsoft Store.

Source: Reddit