Xbox Browser Update Lets You Play Steam Games, Including PlayStation Exclusive Death Stranding

A new possibility for Xbox users to play some Steam and Epic Games Store titles, including the PlayStation exclusive game Death Stranding.

The Xbox tester of the group Alpha Skip-Ahead had access to the browser Microsoft Edge, which is updated on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Because of the improved Chromium compatibility support, the Edge browser will be able to run apps such as those for Google Stadia, Discord, and many more.

Basically, this will allow compatibility with GeForce Now, which will allow Xbox players to be able to stream many of their games on Steam to their console, including the PlayStation exclusive title Death Stranding and ray-tracing-enabled versions of Cybperunk 2077, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and many more.

GeForce Now is also compatible with the Epic Games Store, which means players will also be able to stream store exclusive games including Hitman 3, Rogue Company, and Fortnite. According to Joe Chip, because the Edge browser doesn’t currently support a mouse on Xbox, and because some games require a mouse and keyboard, some titles like Quake 2 RTX don’t work well through the browser.

The service is altogether different compared to other similar services like Google Stadia as it allows gamers to stream their Steam library and Epic Games Store existing on a number of devices such as smartphones or laptops.

The new Xbox browser could allow console players to stream games to their console via xCloud in the future as well, once Microsoft officially adds browser support. This should also improve compatibility with services like Skype or Discord. Thanks to this new possibility, Death Stranding, and many other Sony exclusives could arrive on Xbox in the future.

So we just have to wait for an official position from Microsoft, which will surely end up speaking openly on the issue: we will discover if this means of reproduction can continue to be used in the future.