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OSRS: How To Beat Wyrms (Location & Drops)

Here is how you can defeat Wyrms in Old School Runescape.

Wyrms in Old School Runescape are some of the easiest but trickiest enemies you can beat. These are draconic creatures that give important drops when killed. These include a chance at getting a Dragon sword, harpoon, knife, and thrownaxe. You also get Wyrm bones as a guaranteed drop for defeating them. But this fight can get tough if you aren’t prepared. So here is how you can beat Wyrms in OSRS and the location on where to find to them.

How to Beat Wyrms in Old School Runescape

osrs wyrms guide
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You can defeat a Wyrm using both melee or ranged attacks. The most important thing you need for fighting a Wyrm is a level 62 Slayer. Aside from this, there aren’t many other criteria that you need to fulfill for this fight. And lastly, you will also need boots that resist fire damage from the floor these include: boots of stone, boots of brimstone, or granite boots. After having any of the above boots and the level 62 slayer, here is how you can fight a Wyrm:

Melee Wyrm Fight OSRS

When fighting Wyrm melee, try using a Dragon hunter lance as Wyrms are weak to it. Also, make sure the armor you wear gives you good magic protection. Wyrms are capable of attacking with both melee and magic attacks. So strong armor is useful when fighting against one. Stab-style weapons are the next best weapons you can use against a Wyrm. One such weapon that you can use is an Abyssal dagger. Chip away its health and you will defeat the Wyrm.

Ranged Fight

When it comes to fighting a Wyrm from a safe spot the best weapon that you can use is the Dragon hunter crossbow. The good thing about a ranged fight is that Wyrms won’t use melee attacks on you when you fight it from a distance. So all you need to do is shoot at a Wyrm then trap it in a corner. Then keep shooting at it from out of its range. While this method is the safest it is also quite a bit time-consuming.

After defeating a Wyrm for the first time you will get the A Slithery Encounter achievement.

How to Get to Wyrms in OSRS (Location)

You can find Wyrms inside Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.

  1. Use a fairy ring with the code CIR.
  2. Climb up the mountain Karuulm and then use the elevator to go down.
  3. Take a left when reaching down and you should get to the room filled with Wyrms.

That covers this guide on the locations of Wyrms in OSRS and how to beat them. For more help on this game be sure to check out our guides on how to redeem Diango Codes and how to get the Graceful Set.