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WWE 2K22 Servers Down: Online Not Working? Check Status

If you are unable to access the online multiplayer features of WWE 2K22, here's what you should know.

WWE fans can now experience the new title in the franchise with upgraded features and realistic-looking wrestling legends. And one of the important features in this game is the ability to play online multiplayer, but if it’s not working for you, there’s a chance that WWE 2K22 servers are down. Here’s how to check the current server status if WWE 2K22 online is not working.

WWE 2K22 Servers Down & Online Not Working? Check Server Status

Whenever the online features of the game fail to load up, or you face connection problems, these are the sources to find out if servers are down or not.

  • Check the official Twitter accounts of the game for updates.
  • Find out if PlayStation, Xbox or Steam servers are down at the moment or not.
  • Head over to Twitter or Reddit for more information from the community.

how to check wwe 2k22 servers down

If the servers are down due to too many players trying to access the game, the devs will post an update regarding this on Twitter at @2KSupport and @WWEgames. Be sure to follow them and hit the push notification bell to be notified as soon as they post the Tweet. In case the servers are undergoing maintenance, they will tweet about it too, so this is your best bet to find out the current WWE 2K22 server status. Don’t worry because they investigate the situation and keep players informed about any new development.

Apart from this, chances are that the platform you are trying to play multiplayer on is undergoing an outage. Head over to these links to find out if Xbox Live, PSN Service or Steam servers are down which will lead to issues while trying to connect to WWE 2K22.

Lastly, social media is your next best source to find out if these problems are happening only to you, or others are facing them too. Search for the hashtag #WWE2k22 on Twitter or join the r/WWE2K22 subreddit to know more. If servers are indeed down, simply wait it out. But if not, reset your router and try to connect again. Try a wired connection for the best internet speed. Moreover, you can also check if your antivirus/firewall is blocking your access to the game.

For players who are not able to use the online multiplayer features despite servers being up and running, contact support and they will assist you.