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WWE 2K20 Launch Trailer Oozes Testosterone

WWE has always been about heavy hitting and electrifying shows, the launch trailer for WWE 2K20 shows everything that has brought in fans over generations to the titles.

You get to see stars old and new fight it out and you can design your own dream matches, relive some of the most electrifying moments and create dream teams. WWE 2K20 is the latest in the series and it brings newer elements to the game.


WWE 2K20 aims to be better than its prequels by trying to inculcate as many great aspects of former games it could, and to bring some new on its own. The series has been in need of something new and hopefully, WWE 2K20 is the answer to that.

WWE 2K20 is bigger than ever before and the launch trailer pretty much sums up all the testosterone flying around in the room, the trailer is pretty funny. Every wrestler living out their real life scenarios in the game.

WWE 2K20 will let you have a campaign for your character who will see the development side of wrestlers as they learn the craft, hone their skills and be part of the biggest wrestling entertainment company of all time.


Developed by 2K Games, WWE 2K20 is out now and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.