WWE 2K20 Developers Promise Fixes To The Game Within 2 Weeks

WWE 2K20 received a lot of flak during its release and it has a ton of problems, to begin with, with a rushed release and broken mechanics the developers have not released a statement saying that they will release fixes within two weeks.

WWE 2K20 glitches and crashes a lot and it has been well documented over social media, you can check out our review for an in-depth analysis of what’s affecting the game. The developers have responded to the community and have promised to deliver a fix within two weeks of the release of the game.

Though the problems run deeper than what is being addressed in this fix, the developers have promised to release more updates to fix the game permanently. Though all the problems affecting the game can certainly be fixed and the game can be saved, it completely depends on how fast the developers react to the situation.

There has been an outcry of social media users hating the game and some have been asking for refunds, this level of mismanagement was last seen in BioWare’s Anthem, which the developers are still struggling to fix after months of being released.

We will make sure to check back on WWE 2K20 as the fix is released and update as will detail all the changes made to the game.

WWE 2K20 is developed by 2K Games and is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.